Time is running out!

Time is running out for the bag challenge, my pictures are due by Saturday! I didn’t work on the bag at all last night! I went to Hancocks after work and spent probably at least an hour there looking for trims and buttons and cute stuff for my swap bag.  Then, when I got home, I ate dinner (leftover hamburger with bacon and cheese, YUM) and I was so tired I couldn’t get off the couch! I fell asleep at 10:00pm which is really quite early for me! Today, there are no excuses, I am going straight home, do NOT pass go, do NOT collect $200 and I am going to FINISH the Frenchy Bag! Plus, I really need to finish the three other pieces to my paper pieced star for my beginner’s quilt class.  Our next class is Tuesday so I had better hurry! It was actually sort of funny, my mom and I, trying to figure out how to place the fabric for this paper piecing thing.  I sort of held back and waited for my mom to figure it out with her fabric before doing my piece. I think she only had to unsew it a few times. The annoying part is that with paper piecing, you backtack and use VERY tiny stitches so that makes it very difficult to reverse sew.  Plus, we haven’t had a class sinec December 18th which is when the teacher showed us how to make this patch for this block! It had been at least two, almost three weeks since she showed us! Unfortunately, my memory is not very good at the end of a day of work and the instructions I wrote were cryptic, at best. Usually, I am a very auditory person, if you tell me something, I can remember it, but when it comes to quilt blocks, I prefer detailed written instructions. Unfortunately, as good as our teacher is when it comes to showing how to do something, she’s not all that great at writing instructions! I had done a preliminary search on Quilter’s Cache for a paper pieced star pattern or instructions, but there are SOOOO many that it was difficult to find one that looked like our pattern. I guess I should have checked EQ6 but that will only let you design the quilt, it doesn’t give instructions for making each block.  If I ever finish that block, I will be sure to post pictures. Right now though, my priority is that Frenchy Bag! (I can always spend Sunday night and Monday evening working on the paper pieced star.) Until next time.

 Happy Stitches to you,



January 3, 2008. Tags: , , . Beginner's Quilt Class.

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