Goal #3: Be More Eco-Friendly and Lighten My Footsteps

Not Sewing Related:

I suppose if I really want to lighten my footstep I should pay more attention to Goal #1 which is get in shape! Hehe.  Part of being eco-friendly is paying attention to what you use to clean your house. I found a good blog which describes in detail ways to make my own cleaning products and how to use them. I know that there are several resources on the Internet for this, but since it was a link from my sister’s blogroll, I felt I could really trust this source. So, thanks to the team members of the Down To Earth Blog who have written this so well to make it so easy to want to change the way I clean my home.  I think these ladies live in Australia, but I think I can learn a lot from Austrailians or anyone from outside the US for that matter. So, going green with my cleaning products. You know, it costs more to buy the no fumes, natural ingredient, no dyes cleaner than it does to buy the one with all those extra things? Then I found out I can use baking soda and vinegar to clean my house! But what do I do with all those products I still have that I haven’t used yet (probably because they didn’t work)?  I will have to do some research about that.  This weekend, after my trip to Fredericksburg with Lauri, I am going to do some re-assessing of the cleaners in my house. I am also going to try to get my hubby to agree to discuss the household budget for the year.  (I am luring him in with the offer of Chinese food)

Sewing Related:

My next project is to finish the paper pieced star block for my beginner’s quilt class.  I like classes but I think that I have lost interest with this one because my frustration level is high and I don’t feel like I get to have much control over what we make, because I don’t. Every week we go, the teacher tells us what block we are making, and that isn’t really too fun. It’s sort of like a mystery quilt, but drawn out forever!  I think I have enough fabric left over to make a few more blocks but I don’t know if that will make my quilt bigger or just oddly shaped. I could also probably make pillow cases with the fabric I have left. I still want to make more churn dash blocks, so perhaps I’ll make a wall hanging with four blocks or something. Once this quilt is done, I will really have to get my guest room in order and get it painted!

A note about the New Year and this blog:

My first passion is still sewing and quilting but I am beginning to realize that I have a few other passions, such as goal number 3. So, I may include more non-sewing posts this year, although I can’t really tell for sure until inspiration strikes. So, I hope that you’ll still visit even if the discussion isn’t completely sewing related EVERY time.  I will try to say something about my progress on my UFO challenge in every post. Blogs are supposed to be like a journal and journals don’t always follow one theme or topic. If they did, it wouldn’t really be very interesting, would it? (Hmm, then again, I think I have an entire journal about my hubby who was at that time my boyfriend, it ended with us getting married!) OK, enough rambling for now. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



January 4, 2008. Tags: , , . Beginner's Quilt Class, Goals, sewing.


  1. Ruthie replied:

    Anna ~

    I’m glad you liked Down To Earth, it’s pretty near 8-).

    I’ve found it really impossible to have a blog that only sticks to one topic. Must be genetic. 🙂


  2. Ruthie replied:

    near = neat :-/

  3. Ruthie replied:

    P.S. This is an EXCELLENT book on the subject of homemade green cleaners:
    Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan

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