Paper Piecing, Recycling Realization and UFOs

I FINALLY finished that paper pieced star for my beginner’s quilt class. It was tough and I don’t even know if I did it right. It came out looking OK, except that I chopped off a corner somehow, hopefully I can catch that in the seam allowance. I will post a picture soon. I took one right away because I was sooo excited to have finished it! My buddy Lauri and I went to Fredericksburg this weekend and then to Kerrville to visit our version of the Mecca of quilt shops, Creations. Even though I promised myself I would finish my UFOs, I still had to buy some stuff. The best part, I used my gift cards and so I didn’t actually “spend” any money! It’s fun to spend $150 but not have any money come out of the bank! Yes, I did spend that much, but I bought three rolls of three yard cuts of fabric that I will be able to put to good use very soon! Plus, I bought the Shangri La jelly roll and a book of patterns that use strips (or jelly rolls) in every pattern! I figured that was a good investment since I seem to be addicted to buying jelly rolls! The sample quilt on display was so beautiful I couldn’t resist getting the jelly roll and the pattern book.  The next project I want to work on though is a log cabin baby blanket with these beautiful vintage images that were printed on fabric sheets using the computer (I think).  I have a couple of starting hurtles to jump and then I’ll be ready to go!

Recying Realization

Since Christmas and New Year’s came on a Tuesday this year and our regular recycling day is Tuesday, we are overflowing with recycling! We had a realization though, we recycle A LOT more than we toss in the regular trash. AND hopefully by the end of this month we will have a fancy schmancy new compost turner and will be able to get started on our compost bin! Then we’ll be tossing even less! Yeah for goal #3! Also, when we went to the grocery store yesterday, I gave the bagger guy my canvas bags as usual to fill. Well, he was taking a longer time than usual and the cashier got anxious (there was someone behind us in line) and started putting stuff in plastic bags! I was a little upset but had a pleasant surprise when my HUBBY suggested that we just go and we stopped outside the door and took the stuff out of the plastic bags and either put them in another canvas bag or just put them in the cart and put the plastic bags directly in the recycling bin they had next to the door! It was HIS idea! Yeah! I am making a difference because normally I am the recycling nazi of the house and find stuff that he’s thrown out and have to put it in the recycle bin (I know that sounds gross but don’t worry I wouldn’t touch it if it was). It felt good to switch out the bags like that. And several people saw us as they walked out the door too. It was a good moment.


I mentioned this above, but my next project is the log cabin baby blanket. It’s really not a UFO, it’s a HSY (Haven’t Started Yet) project. I also want to start working on the Chealsea’s Boutique quilt that my mom and I are going to collaborate on.  The strips are all pre cut, just need to get it out and look at it. Mom’s coming over today to work on her paper pieced star.  So those are the next two projects as well as the progress I have made on the Beginner’s Quilt class sampler. That one is more like a WIP because every two weeks I do a block! It will be done soon. All the blocks are done. This week we are discussing sashing, borders, binding, backing and batting and perhaps quilting.  Hope you are all whittling down those UFOs as well.

By the way, I saw someone, I think it was the domestic diva, who had the idea to use bed risers to raise the cutting table. So I went to my home store and found them, the set I bought were actually super high risers, seven inches as compared to four or five, I think, and it made my table the perfect height for a cutting table! Yeah, no more sore back! Now I just have sore feet from standing so long! I need to get myself a stool I can sit on at that table now whenever my feet need a rest. Thanks domestic diva! Until next time.

Happy Stitches,



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One Comment

  1. thedomesticdiva replied:

    LOL Anna! I wish it was me to thought of the ingenious idea of using bedrisers to raise one’s cutting table…I would have trademarked it and then sold it to all in the home sewing community…haha!

    Wishing you all things good in the New Year!

    With friendship,

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