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My newest project is my second official quilt. My first quilt is a sampler created in my beginner’s quilting class. It was a fun class but not too terribly creative because the teacher dictated what pattern we did, but I have learned A LOT from those classes. So, my mom (who is also in the beginner’s class) and I purchased a kit to make a quilt called Chelsea’s Boutique from Moda University. The purpose of this kit is to promote the newest line of fabrics from Moda, I suppose, but this line has been out for over a year and there is not much left that is readily available. So, we (meaning mostly me) were totally excited to see this beautiful quilt top on display at the quilt store and my mom suggested we buy the kit and work on it together. I think the coolest thing about this pattern is that it is all the same block with sashing and cornerstones in between. The block is the Jacob’s Ladder block which is a nine patch using half square triangles and smaller four patch pieces. Click the link to see directions and examples. The kit came with 18 dark prints, 18 light prints and enough fabric for the binding (brown with blue polka dots). As I started laying out the fabric, I counted what I considered to be the light prints and there were only 17! I also counted the darks and there were 18 so it wasn’t a matter of me having placed one of the light prints in with the darks. Well, what’s a girl to do at 8:30 pm when she really wants to get started? I went online and found a “light” print in this collection and ordered it. Even though I only needed a quarter of a yard, the website I found was a minimum 1 yard purchase, bummer, more fabric for my stash! It is a pretty print though and I’ll be able to use it if I have extra. Well, after I ordered the fabric I went ahead and started cutting the dark fabric. I cut the strips for the binding for the additional fabric that was provided. Guess what, after I cut the binding strips, I had EXACTLY 1/4 yard left over, enough for another dark! So I found one that could be considered a light and moved it over to the pile of light fabrics! Now I’ll have an extra yard but I can probably use that if I make a scrappy back for this quilt. Then, each of my 1/4 yard prints (36 in all) which are 9″ across have to be cut down to 5″ across. Then from those 5″ strips I have to sub cut smaller squares for the HSTs (half square triangles) and strips for the 4 patch pieces. So, I am really glad I just purchased 5 new rotary blades and have gotten my cutting table up on risers so my back won’t hurt too much after all that cutting! Well, I guess I have rambled more than I had originally intended. To make a long story short, this is going to be quite a project but thankfully my mom is going to help! Yeah, mother/daughter quilt time! Then we get to fight over who gets to keep it!

Last night I cut the sashing for my beginner’s quilt sampler. I am putting the blocks in the shape of an X and putting semi solid blocks in between to make the quilt larger. I also decided to add my sixth block to the bottom and put those semi solid blocks on either side. This makes the quilt a little longer, which since I am tall is sort of one of my concerns.  I found this beautiful batik-ish blue Moda Marble Botanical fabric. It is this sort of mottled light blue on white or cream with thin outlines of butterflies all over it. I saw this on the first night of quilt class and loved it but thought the pattern too spread out to use in my quilt. Then, at my last class after talking about borders and backing I decided I would buy it. Well, they JUST happened to be having a sale where if you buy whatever is left on the bolt you get 20% off and it JUST happened that there were ONLY 3 yards left. Well, 3 yards is probably enough for the backing or at LEAST a border, so I bought the rest! Yeah! It worked out perfectly. PLUS, my dear brother gave me a gift certificate and when I used that, I only had to pay $1.13! (And I tricked my mom into that since she had cash, hehe, I am sooo sneaky!)  So, I pretty much got that fabric for FREE! And it soooo pretty! The only thing I noticed is that it seems to be a bit thinner than regular Moda cottons. I have no idea why but that is how it feels. Then, guess what? I had some batting in my stash closet that I had purchased a WAY long time ago. When I checked it, it was Hobbs 80/20 which is EXACTLY what my quilt teacher recommended! And it is queen size which is probably enough for my quilt AND my mom’s!  It’s so nice when things work out like that! 

Sorry this post is short on pictures. You know me, I’ll post them as soon as I remember to turn on my computer when I’m at home. Well, until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



January 10, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Beginner's Quilt Class, Goals, Quilting, sewing.

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  1. fatiah replied:

    You and mum been busy huh and having sew much fun. Post the pictures soon.

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