New Look, a Work in Progress

For some crazy reason I decided that I wanted to change the look of my blog. So I chose a new template and my lovely banner picture disappeared! Don’t worry, I will resolve this when I am working at the computer that has my lovely picture on it!  Please still visit, it is the same old me, just with a new look! Don’t forget to comment on the 100th Post post if you want to be in the drawing. So far, there are only two! I thought more people wanted to be in on getting free stuff than that! I like the colors to this template but I definately need to get my picture up there. Until next time.

Five Minutes Later Update: Haha, remembered that I have my pictures stored over at Flickr and used the one on there! Doesn’t the header look cool now? I think it looks awesome with the grey background but the green tabs add some interest. What do you think?

 Happy Stitches to You,



January 11, 2008. random stuff.

One Comment

  1. Lauri replied:

    I thought things looked different, but wasn’t really sure…subtle but nice! Now help me do mine! lol!

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