Life has really been getting busy around here lately.  Despite that though, I have made some progress on my quilt. I realized that the beginner’s quilt sampler I have made has been a Mystery Quilt in itself. Even though we all saw samples of what the quilt might look like at the end, none of us really knew how it would come out.  This quilt is actually morphing itself into a great quilt.  I had all the pieces up on my design wall and then I decided something: my design wall, a dark blue flannel sheet, was preventing me from really seeing the contrast in the colors of the quilt.  So, after I failed in finding a lighter colored flannel sheet at Goodwill, I found a white cotton sheet in the closet at my house.  I pinned it to the wall with thumbtacks and the fabric still “sticks” to it really well.  I only had to use a pin on the paper pieced block because of the paper.  I finally bit the bullet and figure out how to cut the sashing to the proper size. So, Tuesday night I managed to cut all the cornerstones and last night I cut the sashing to the correct size. Tonight I hope, hope, hope to be able to start the piecing process.  I am just going to have to talk to my mom about her plans to come over and sew tomorrow. If she does, she will have to bring her machine. That is why she has one. I have to get that top finished and I know I won’t be able to piece the entire thing tonight so I will have to spend some time tomorrow working on it as well. If she is over at my house and plans to sew, she will just have to sew on her own machine.  I think she is still figuring out the layout of her blocks anyway.  I have also cut out ALL the pieces for the Chelsea’s boutique quilt. All that I need to do next is piece them together, so simple! I have all the lights and darks matched up, and all the strips ready to be strip pieced and cut into smaller blocks. I hope to be able to post pictures soon. You know how it goes. I never have my camera next to me when I am writing and I always take pictures when it’s late and I am just about to go to sleep!  I have taken some pictures of the layout of my quilt on the white design wall and it is much easier to see the contrasting colors now.  I am very proud of my first quilt. We’ll see how proud I am after I start putting the sashing on! Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



January 17, 2008. Tags: , , , . Beginner's Quilt Class, sewing.

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