Quilting Slump

I have sort of lost all my steam for finishing that beginner’s quilt class sampler. I got the borders on, have to figure out how to do the miters. Our teacher showed me again, so I hope I can remember.  I have to practice machine quilting and I hope I’ll get to do some of that tonight. I don’t feel very motivated to work on Chelsea’s Boutique and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the gloomy weather. It’s so dark when I get home and I just want to relax on the couch. I am sort of getting an urge to rearrange my sewing room.  Since I got a bigger table and put it up on risers, i use that as my cutting table. But then I have this other table that used to be my cutting table and that is sort of just a catch all table at the moment.  So I am debating, should I put the catch all table up on the risers and take the bigger table out, or should I just take out the small table and move the big table over?  It’s such a dilema. I also have a problem with all the dark spots in my sewing room. Since most of my quilting/sewing is done at night, I need proper lighting. I have several small lamps that only light certain areas and this feel inadequate to me.  I have to keep the ceiling fan and it only has one light bulb on it.  I might have to do some research about those large florescent shop lights, like this one, that can be plugged in.  If I get those I’ll have to see if I can get the “natural light” bulbs for them. Well, after doing a quick search. Looks like I can get the shop light for about $30 and then I would have to pay $20 for two bulbs. Might be worth it, I am still not sure.  Wonder how difficult it would be to install track lighting? Oh, that would require some work from my husband who is not a very willing Mr. Fixit.  I guess I will keep researching and report back later. The shop light might the best alternative until I am able to quit my job and quilt/sew during the day.  More progress soon. Until next time.

 Happy Stitches to You,



January 24, 2008. Tags: , , , . Beginner's Quilt Class, Organizing, Quilting, sewing.


  1. thedomesticdiva replied:

    I have the problem with my cutting table coming a dumping ground…so now I only dump stuff on a craft table. that way when I’m ready to sew, I have a clean slate.

    i replaced all the flourscent shop light bulbs in my sewing room (it’s in my unfinished basement) with the natural light flourescent and WOW, what a difference! The bulbs were only $6 a piece.


    With friendship,

  2. bobbinhead replied:

    Yeah, my cutting table is a dumping ground as well. However; it’s also the kitchen table so my kids complain all the time about it. Someday I’ll have an area all to myself.

    As far as the lights go, I’m not sure. The shop lights or track lighting sound like the best ideas.

  3. Caron Mosey replied:

    I need to hire a cleaning lady to clean my sewing area. I think that’s the only way I will be able to find the table.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Caron in Michigan

  4. Eileen replied:

    I have an idea for the lack of lighting. I did this and it works great! and really brightens the room. Get floor lamp that has a halogen bulb. It really puts out the light, bounces off the ceiling – the drawback – it does heat up the room. I wouldn’t leave it unattended.

    Good luck.

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