Sew Excited!

OK, I guess I am out of my quilting slump now. Only one more day of boring work and then T-shirt Quilt Class! Yeah! New inspiration! Yeah! Quilting with new friends!  The last time I was signed up to take a T-shirt quilt class, we ended up buying my Prius so I had to cancel my class, boo hoo. So the t-shirts just sat in the box for a few months (since May!)  Also, my new friend Lauri has said she signed up for the class too so I’ll already have a friend in the class, even better!  It’s an all day class so that must mean we get to sit and sew and get something done! I have been just dying to go to a sewing class like that!  Maybe I’ll get motivated to practice my machine quilting tonight (Friday?).  I didn’t do anything quilting related last night (Thursday?).  I only put those question marks because I am writing this on Thursday but it might look like it was posted on Friday. I guess that in order to be able to “allow” myself to purchase the supplies for the t-shirt class, I am going to have to get my Blue Butterfly Sampler finished (that is what I am calling the Beginner’s Quilt class quilt).  Well, maybe not finished, just the top at least. Just have to figure out those mitered borders.  AHHH!  Then after work stop and get some basting spray and machine quilting thread and I should be good to go.  I have started on my embroidery project, it’s fun too. Something to do when we are watching TV. 

Goals Progress:

Goal 1: Get in shape. Ahh, haven’t really done that yet. I have gone to yoga and the weather has been awful so haven’t gotten much walking in lately.  Also sort of been indulging in candy lately, just sort of had a craving. Tomorrow I am going to take an orange with me to work, I heard that fruit will make you feel more full.

Goal 2: Finish one project before buying fabric for another. Done pretty well. Almost finished Blue Butterfly Sampler and haven’t bought fabric except for my mom’s quilt (she didn’t have time to get the fabric so I had to go get it for her, oh poooor me!)

Goal 3: Be more eco-friendly.  I have done pretty well. Am being a recycling nazi about making sure that stuff get recycled. If I forget my canvas bags to take in with me at the grocery store I stopped and put the plastic bags in the recycle bin near the door of the grocery store as I walked out.

Goal 4: Count my blessings and be happy.  Sort of been able to do this. Today I felt really down in the dumps about work but then I applied for a teaching job and renewed my application at two school districts. How am I ever going to get back to teaching if I don’t re-apply? So, now I am feeling a little better.

Well, gonna go now. Hope you are keeping up with your goals too! Until next time

Happy Stitches to You,



January 24, 2008. Tags: , , , . Beginner's Quilt Class, Goals, Quilting, sewing.

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