Quilting Month and Environmentally Friendly Update


The wonderful ladies over at Sew Mama Sew have declared February to be Quilting Month! Yeah! I am going to do my best to keep up with their fun activities. I am sure it will be fun and educational at the same time! Since I need to get some quilting done on two of my quilts, I am looking forward to their articles, book reviews and wonderful tutorials.  And maybe in between reading all of that I’ll find time to quilt something! I have actually practiced, did I mention that before? I stared practicing my quilting on some cute coffee related fabric. I will post pictures of the finished product, if I ever get to that point. 

 In other, Not-Sewing-Related news, my topic today is trash bags.  Since my hubby and I have started to recycle A LOT more and are hoping to get a compost bin started really soon, we figure we won’t be throwing away nearly as much as we used to. SO, I asked him if we would agree to let us purchase recycled trash bags after we run out of our other trash bags.  A lot of times, I think that it is not what we throw away that is necessarily bad for the environment. In normal circumstances, much of it would probably biodegrade on it’s own, it’s the trash bag that takes a long time to break down and biodegrade. Plus, I bet that it goes back to that thing about “the amount of energy it takes to make those trash bags…blah blah blah” But if we get recycled trash bags, it reduces emissions and all those other environmentally friendly things. You can read more about recycled trash bags on my favorite site for them, Gaiam.  So, we’ll probably be investing in some of those pretty soon. I think I will also try the idea my sister had about how to avoid using those plastic bags for produce.  She takes a small basket with her to the store and uses that to hold her produce. I bet I’ll get some strange looks but probably not as strange as when I just stuck the price sticker directly on the zucchini and the onion!  Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



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  1. Holly replied:

    Your sampler turned out awesome, Anna! Blue and white are my favorite color combo. As for the environment, I don’t buy bottled water at work anymore. I take my hiking water bottle and refill it every day. So that’s my small step recently. I should check into those garbage bags.

  2. scrappy lady replied:

    Glad to hear about Feb. being Quilting Month! This may help inspire me to get going on some fun projects!!!!! That’s a great idea to make a sample block. When I first started quilting I was brave and never bought kits. I found a pattern I loved and spent hours searching for the perfect fabrics. ( Back when I had too small of a stash to rely on) Of course when I had a hard time deciding on a few I asked the cute ladies at the quilt shop and they’d help me decide on the last few fabrics. You’d think I’d still be that confident!!! LOL I have started purchasing kits over the years ( most of the time) and I’m now more timid to rely on my own judgement! Crazy ha? It got to be so easy to pick up a kit because they either had the quilt on display and I loved the pattern and fabrics they had, or Moda started coming out with all their kits that used their gorgeous fabrics. ( Moda has always been one of my favorites.) So I know how you feel. But I’m working backwards here!!! LOL Well, thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to have to get working on something soon, ( tomorrow is Feb. 1st isn’t it?!!!) so I can really enjoy Quilting month the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed!!! I also agree with the plastic bags. I feel so guilty leaving the grocery store when we’ve shopped for a 2 week period and the cart is as full of bags as it is with food! I haven’t convinced the hubby of canvas bags though and he loves to do the shopping.( I love letting him, I’d rather spend money at the fabric store!!! ) I guess it’s an idea that he’ll get more used to as time goes on!

  3. Ruth replied:

    Years ago I bought a couple canvas bags at a garage sale and when the stores started using the nasty plastic bags so much, I started taking my canvas bags to the store, where I go through the self check-out aisle. The store gives me 5 cents for each bag I use of my own. I’ve made a few small cloth bags and started taking them to other stores where I might make smaller purchases. Actually, I started more because I just didn’t like the plastic bags, but don’t mind helping the environment at the same time! I’m going to check out your sister’s idea too.

  4. Lisa replied:

    I like the basket idea for veg. and fruit. I have cloth bags that I use when I go to the store. Sometimes I forget them, I hate when that happens. All the stores here have cloth bags that you can buy. I love using them! 🙂

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