Friday Funk, Saturday and Sunday Sunny Sewing Fun!

I was really down in the dumps on Friday. Work was boring, it was the first day of Quilting Month, and I couldn’t do anything because I was stuck at work! Why! Why must I work and have to buy food and clothing and pay for my car! Why can’t I just sew all day and make a living doing that? OK, so that was Friday. After work I headed over to my favorite quilt shop, Memories by the Yard, and had some shopping therapy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a sample of the fabric from the sashing on my t-shirt quilt, so it was difficult to pick out something for the border.  So, despite the chance to immerse myself in a world of fabric for a little while, I actually DIDN’T buy anything!  On Saturday, after I got home from grocery shopping, I decided to work on something for this Pink Fat Quarter (and other stuff) swap I am in.  I still don’t know who my swap partner is, but we have to send 4 pink fat quarters, thread, cards or stationary, and some other pink surprise.  Well, I started checking my stash and it turns out I had some VERY cute pink chenille which I had forgotten about. So, I went to work. So far I have two fat quarters, a little baggie that I made to hold the pink buttons, and a cute pin cushion with chenille on the back (thanks Lauri for that idea).  Then, from there I decided that I wanted to try my hand at a disappearing nine patch which was one of the first projects for Quilting Month on Sew Mama Sew. I didn’t have any measurements to start with so I just decided to use what I had (what a concept). Well, I had some 3.5″ strips left over from cutting for the Chelsea’s Boutique quilt. Guess what, if you start with 3.5″ strips and then sew them with 1/4″ seam allowance and then CUT them in half and sew them together again with another 1/4″ seam allowance, the block keeps getting smaller, and smaller!  At this point I don’t even know what the finished size is!  I wanted it to be about 9″ but I don’t know if it made it.  Then, when I sewed the last two rows together, I opened it up, and GASP! I had sewn the last row WRONG!  I blame my DH because he yelled up to me that dinner was ready and broke my concentration!  But it was very nice of him to make dinner for me.  Since dinner was ready and hubby was calling me, I didn’t have time to reverse sew the block and get it sewn together correctly. I really wanted to do this so I could show it off on the Quilting Month photo pool on Flickr. Well, perhaps tonight. After that, I sort of forgot about the block and decided to work on my embroidery project. I am just a little sewing butterfly, flitting from project to project.  This project is really a challenge for me because a) I don’t usually like hand work b) I don’t know all the fancy stitches it requires and c) I get sore really easily. But I found that it is also addicting. Once I’ve started, I don’t want to stop until I’ve finished one entire letter (the piece spells out the words Sweet Dreams with a different symbol for each letter, so the “w” in sweet was a butterfly and the “t” is a dragonfly made with sparkling thread.) It is such a beautiful piece and I am enjoying learning the new stitches. This weekend alone I learned the buttonhole stitch, the leaf stitch and the lazy daisy.  I was so lucky when I found a stitch encyclopedia at Half Price books for about $10!  It is such a great guide and the one I have has color pictures and step by step instructions, so vital for this type of hand work!  The main reason I purchased the kit to make this Sweet Dreams embroidery “thing” is that the letter “D” in the word “Dreams” is in the shape of a MOON! Well, since my last name is Luna, I have a particular affinity for moons. I thought it would look adorable as framed art in my future nursery.  I also figured it would probably take me from the time of purchase until I HAD children to finish it! (I bought it more than a year ago.) But, if I keep up at the pace I am going, I might get it done before I have kids! That will give me a year to let it sit in a drawer waiting to be framed. I still have a couple of cross stitch pieces that are waiting to be framed. Oh, and some art we purchased in Italy on our honeymoon three and a half years ago! But that’s a post for another day. Sorry about the lack of photos in this post. I haven’t even taken any of my current projects and, of course, I do not even have my camera with me at the moment.  I hope to make up for that this evening. Mom is coming over to sew again tonight, she MIGHT get the sashing finished on her quilt.  Then we have to get started on the border. I think we are both considering paying a long arm quilter to quilt them for us. We only have until March 4th to finish them and that isn’t very much time!  It’s very tempting but from what I’ve heard, all the long arm quilters in my area are booked for months.  To sum things up, I suppose that Friday was a temporary relapse in my efforts to meet Goal #4 which is to “Count my blessings and be happy.” So in closing I will leave you with some things that I consider blessings:

1) Saving $400 in January plus money for our V-Day trip to Fredericksburg and for Sammy’s (my BIG dog) teeth cleaning

2) A loving, sweet, caring husband who lets me buy fabric almost whenever I want

3) Spending time with my mom learning to quilt and getting to chat about things

4) Blogs and my bloggy friends and all the friends I’ve made on the Internet

5)Being able to keep in touch with my sister through her blog so that Montana doesn’t seem soooo far away.

Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



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