That Dorky Homemade Look

I didn’t even know it but Lisa Boyer has a blog! She is the author of two great books, “Stash Envy” and “That Dorky Homemade Look.” I have read the second of these and after I finished it I passed it on to my mother in law whom I knew would get as much joy from it as I did.  Lisa share’s her quilts on her blog and I was sew happy to have stumbled upon it today. So, even though today is Tuesday, Lisa is my friendsday pick of the week. I hope that it can be a double whammy because I hope to go home and do something crafty this evening, which will make it a Crafty Tuesday as well!  You see, this week is busy for me after work. Except for today, I have something after work every day! Yesterday was an ice cream social with my sorority alumnae and collegiate girls. That was SO fun and I got to show off my t-shirt quilt!  (Although anyone who thought an ice cream social in February doesn’t makes sense wasn’t here in the 70 degree weather, it was perfect!)  Tonight, hopefully some crafty stuff going on, tomorrow, board meeting for a professional organization I am in called the SA-ASTD. It’s an organization for people who do instructional design and training for schools and businesses. Not extremely interesting all the time, but I can see a lot of applications to the quilting world, such as writing tutorials!  Then Thursday is the Quilt Guild meeting, I get to show off not one, but TWO quilt tops!  And Friday we are leaving fairly soon after work to take a weekend trip to Fredericksburg (with a side trip to Creations in Kerrville, of course) for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend!  So, tonight is my only night to relax and get crafty! I am working on cutting the fabric for a Double Irish Chain baby blanket/wall hanging. It’s only supposed to be 38″ square so we’ll see if it’s big enoug for a baby blanket if I ever get it done!  That’s my plan for tonight after I visit the post office. I hope you all have a fun and happy evening. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



February 12, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Crafty Tuesday, friendsday, Quilting, sewing.


  1. dorkyquilts replied:

    Wow! Thank you for this post, you’re very sweet!

  2. Ruth replied:

    Catching up on some blogs, I noticed you are going to Fredricksburg over the weekend. We did that a couple years ago. This weekend we are going to Corpus Christi. I work for the government, so have Monday off work and since my boss decided to take Friday off, I decided to also, so we leave in the morning. Our DS is stationed at the Naval Air Station and we have gotten together for the last two years on this weekend. Our DIL is expecting in May. My DH & I were high school sweethearts also – we’re on year 45 of marriage. Have fun this weekend! I’m kind of hoping to make it to a quilt shop, but don’t know what we’ll be doing – hehehe!

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