Double Irish Chain Baby Blanket

Here are some pictures of the beginning of my next project. It is a double Irish Chain baby blanket. I bought this kit a few months ago because it has the most adorable pink fabrics I have ever seen. This is sort of the focus fabric:

picture-or-video-017.jpg Isn’t it just sew adorable!?

Then these are the strips that will make up the chain pattern:


Well, for one row at least. Cutting all the strips and sewing these five together was all I accomplished last night. Maybe tonight I’ll get the next five sewn together, here is what they will most likely look like. I appologize for the bad lighting, it was about 10:30pm when I took the pictures.

picture-or-video-020.jpg These are just fabrics B and A alternating whereas the group above was ABCBA.  Once I get all those strips sewn together everything else should be a breeze.

Oh, by the way, this quilt will be for my future daughter, IF I ever have one. And if we have a boy (SOME DAY) I have blue flannels with cute moons already in a kit waiting to be made into a flannel and chenille baby blanket. Already have the blue chenille too.  I thought this little kit would be a good way to get my feet wet in the world of quilting and it’s been a fun and fast project since it is really small (only 38″ square). Actually, the pattern says it’s supposed to be a wall hanging but why would anyone go to so much trouble to make such a lovely quilt and then only hang it on the wall?  If it turns out really small, I think i will just add some borders to it until it comes out to the right size. Oh, and I became really inspired to work on this particular kit because of Quilting Month. Last week’s Block Along on Sew Mama Sew was an Irish Chain block. Hopefully I’ll have something ready to post to their flickr site by this, gulp, Thursday because I’ll be out of town all weekend! No worries, that’s the fun part about quilting for me, there are no real deadlines and no one expecting me to finish any time soon. I can just work on it whenever I have time. It’s a great feeling. By the way, the finished product of this baby blanket is sort of a mystery because the pattern uses blues and greens so even I don’t know what it will look like! Until next time.

Happy Stitches,



February 13, 2008. Tags: , , . Quilting, sewing.


  1. dorkyquilts replied:

    That focus fabric is ADORABLE. It almost looks vintage! Your quilt will be very sweet.

  2. Pat Ferguson replied:

    Anna, I love Double Irish Chain, I did one for a friend in November and the completed squares turned out to be one inch squares. I totally loved it when it was done. Very relaxing and I just hoped that she would love it as much as I did–I think she did. 🙂 Anyhow I’d love to see a post with the completed blanket when it’s done.

  3. Michele C replied:

    Hi Anna: You’re getting good at all the quilting projects. Just stopping by for a visit. — Michele

  4. Just Pure Lovely replied:

    Ugh, I’m a week behind on the Sew Mama Sew quilts, but will enjoy the catching up! I had to say that I just love it that you’re making things for future babies. I love “hope chest” building.

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