String or Crumb Quilts

I saw a reference to crumb quilts on Bonnie Hunter’s site. It seems that these are foundation pieced blocks made from the tiniest scraps out there. So, when I started using her plan to organize my scraps (as if I really have that many) I also started a bin for crumbs. Turns out, I have no desire whatsoever to actually make a crumb quilt but I thought that perhaps some one who reads my blog might. If so, let’s do a swap, I’ll send you and entire gallon size zip lock bag of my “crumbs” with some really thin strips in there that are good for string quilts, and you send me some of your largers scraps that you don’t really want any more. Anyone want to do a one on one swap with me? I am getting tired of the squares I have cut for a scrappy quilt, it’s not going to be all that scrappy at this point. So, send me your scraps! I only probably have enough crumbs to swap once, so let me know. Post a comment here or e mail me If more than one person is interested, perhaps we can set up a couple of 1 on 1 swaps like this! Yeah! Let’s do this before the postage rates go up in May. I have heard these are great for charity quilts. Looking forward to your replies. Until next time.

 Happy Stitches to You



February 13, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Quilting, sewing.

One Comment

  1. Lauri replied:

    Anna! We should do a crumb quilt together! I just linked over there to check it out and I love them…you know I love scrappy! But…I don’t need any crumbs! lol! But I’m willing to share with you, or if we can get some others together to make some.

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