Help People In Need

I know that quilters are very giving, caring people and I know that you all want to do something that will help others, especially if it is free and quick. So, please, PLEASE click the link on the left side bar which says “Donate a Mammogram today” and do so! Also, while you are on that site, please click the other tabs at the top of the page. If you do, you can click to donate to help an animal shelter, to support literacy programs, children get health care, starving people to get food, to help the rain forest and environment! I signed up for a daily reminder to visit the Breast Cancer Site to go and click to donate a mammogram. Then I noticed those other tabs and now, every time I  donate a mammogram, I also click the other sites to donate the other items. It doesn’t take very long, perhaps a minute total. There are several places on those sites to purchase items that will donate money back to a particular cause as well. I haven’t purchased anything yet, but I did register on the Breast Cancer Site and after paying the shipping cost of $2.95, I got a beautiful pink ribbon pin inside of a beautiful pink velvet bag.  Also, this blog has little tracker on it that tells me what links from my blog are clicked each day as well as how many people visit my blog each day. So, I can see that 50 people visited and that 5 of them clicked the link for The Breast Cancer site, or that 0 people clicked it. I tell myself that the reason not many people are clicking that link is because you all signed up for the daily reminders and don’t have to click it from my site. Maybe, I hope so. But, please click it today and please tell ALL your friends. OK, I’ll get off my soap box now. Thank you for your caring and generosity towards others. I truly believe that quilters make life better for so many people with all of the generosity that pours from their hearts. Thank you for visiting, now, go click that mammogram link on the left side bar! Until next time.

 Happy Stitches to You,



February 15, 2008. Tags: , . random stuff.


  1. dorkyquilts replied:

    This is very good of you. I clicked. Thanks.

  2. ivyarts replied:

    I clicked all the way through. I have first hand knowledge of quilter’s generosity from you, Anna! Thank you so much for the pin cushion. I got it over the weekend. It’s lovely… and my current favorite fabric! I’ll try my best to do some daily clicking. Thanks again.

  3. Jean replied:

    Hi Anna,
    Hey just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the pin pillow! It’s cute and I always like to have several around. You never have enough of them! I’m with you on the Mamogram site, I’ve had it in my favorties for several months now and I try to go each day! Important thats for sure! Let’s see my SIL, Gramma, Aunt, all have surfered with breast cancer! Gramma is the only one not around any more. My SIL has had it twice now! Rough stuff that’s for sure!
    Take care. Jean

  4. fatiah replied:

    Did the clicking for you my friend. Sometimes too engrossed reading blog post to remember to click. I should put the link on the side-bar like you as reminder.

  5. Lauri replied:

    I’ve clicked on your’s before! I need to click on it again, though. And put one on my blog!

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