Numbers are Funny

I am so happy for the funniest of reasons. A) It’s almost time to go home and QUILT! and B) I have 7001 hits to this blog since I started it in JULY! It hasn’t even been around for a year and I’ve had 7001 hits! And today we beat the last high number of the week which was 83 and went all the way up to 98! That’s awesome! So, if you are reading this, and I promise I will send something this time. PLEASE post a quick HELLO comment to let me know people do read my humble words. (Thanks by the way to all the people who have commented lately!) I will be sure to get back to quilty things on my next post. But I will send a lovely surprise to whoever comments a hello today or tomorrow, how about that! Everyone wins! No random drawings here! This will really bring people out of the woodwork.  Just know that I have a big smile on my face right now. Until next time.

 Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. I was allowed to vote, yeah!


February 22, 2008. random stuff.


  1. Lisa W. replied:

    Hello Anna! LOL! I read your blog. Love to look at your quilting pictures. 🙂

  2. Ruth replied:

    I’m reading your blog tonight! BTW, we could see Obama’s limo on the way to Reunion Arena on Wednesday (I think – or was it Monday?) from the building I work in (Dallas). My boss’s wife & daughter were going to the Fort Worth rally for Hillary today. That was sure a shame about the police officer getting killed. I haven’t voted yet, but I will – maybe tomorrow.

  3. dorkyquilts replied:

    I’m commenting to say Howdy! I’m reading!!!

  4. fatiah replied:

    Hello, I’m here commenting but no need to send me any more surprises but let others get the chance. BTW,I have just received your cute pin-cushion. You know Anna nothing beats receiving from the old-fashioned slow mail.Usually it’s just the bills only these days from Mr Postman. Thanks so much for the gift even though I wasn’t among the first 3. And I envy your name-card. I should make for myself too – sew much fun!

  5. lisakingsley replied:

    I am here and reading. Sorry I don’t always feel like I comment as often as I should, but I do enjoy reading your blog.

  6. ivyarts replied:

    You go girl! Great blog.

  7. Irene replied:


    I’ve come to your blog via Ivy Arts via Breathing Easy. I’ve been reading Melyn’s blog for a while now and after I mentioned to her that I’m a quilter she directed me to Ivy Arts blog, which I read last night and was directed to you. I particularly loved your pin cushions.

    I’m a quilter from Melbourne Australia and spent all of yesterday working on a zipped up sewing tote – something small enough to carry with me when I travel to the US in April. I’m hoping I’m allowed to sew on the plane on the long 16+ hours over. As you’d expect, I’m currently working on about three or four projects at the one time! and loving it!!

    I’ll take a few days to go through your blog – it looks very interesting.


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