I haven’t done one of these in awhile. I just made a new blogger friend, Peggyann, over at Colour du jour. Her blog is fresh and fun and she includes recipes for yummy food!  She is a talented sewer and quilter as well as florist! So, take a quick look at Peggyann’s blog and have fun visiting her world. She has a couple of interesting acronyms that I want to add to my list: WILTS (What I’d Like To Sew) and RM (Repair and Maintenance)  I love the WILTS idea a lot better than HSY (Haven’t Started Yet) althought those two might be considered two separate things. I had a wonderful surprise when I got home yesterday, I checked my mailbox and the kit I had order from The Fat Quarter Shop had arrived! It is called Sweet Simplicity and it is an exclusive kit to the Fat Quarter Shop. This is a quilt using the new line from Moda called Simplicity. Hopefully my backing fabric will arrive today or tomorrow. I think it will go together pretty fast and then I’ll just have to figure out how to quilt it! I was just thinking that I needed another in between quilt project to start.  (Really, I was thinking that!) I like to have one main project I am working on and another that I can do in between. I am almost done with the Double Irish Chain baby blanket, only need to put on the outside border and get the batting to finish her up. I am going to try out the fusible 80/20 by Hobbs. I have heard good things about Hobbs 80/20 so I hope that their fusible is as good as the regular.  The people who make Hobbs batting are local to Texas and that makes it even more special. I think after I finish the baby blanket, I am going to concentrate on Chelsea’s Boutique as my main project. I have gotten to the point that I am about ready to lay it out and piece the blocks. I hope to post a more visual representation of that later. By the way, I put up a separate design wall for my mom to use when she came over to sew. Since she hasn’t been over in awhile, I realized that I’ve started using BOTH design walls! One of them has the baby blanket and the other has the layout for the back for the Blue Butterfly quilt. OK, I’ll stop rambling now. Sorry this is so boring without pictures. More later! Until next time.

Happy Stitches,



March 12, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . friendsday, Quilting, sewing.

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  1. colourdujour replied:

    Those are kind words – Thank you! guess i better get some recipes posted…trouble is except for the cake they’re not written down LOL will have to work on that.
    For the record before DD corrects this, my husband and daughter are the floral designers…I tie the ribbon bows altho I do make the corsages and boutinierres. WILTS could also be “what i’d like to start”
    thanks again.peggyann

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