Quilt Giveaway!


I was visiting the blueflower treasures blog (sorry, I don’t know the author at the moment, but the blog is worth a visit) and I saw that she had posted about a quilt giveaway. Well, who wouldn’t want to know about a FREE quilt? So I jumped over to the Old Red Barn Co.’s blog and saw the great pictures of the quilt they are giving away to celebrate their 200th post. I also noticed that the deal is this, 1) get an entry if you comment on the blog post (she already had 266 comments as of today) 2) get an additional 5 entries if you put the cute graphic in your sidebar with a link (See side bar image) and 3) get additional entries if you tell a friend who visits and posts and says they heard about it from YOU! Whew, don’t know how she’ll keep all that straight but that’s OK! It is a beautiful quilt and would make a great addition to any home. So, I’ve done my duty, posted here on my blog, put the cute graphic on my sidebar (no small task if you’ve ever worked with WordPress!) and even commented to her post. That should be about 11 entries AT LEAST, because I just KNOW that all of you who read this are going to go and immediately do the SAME thing and tell her you saw this on MY blog, right? Well, it’s fun anyway. 

Happy Stiches and happy blogging!


P.S. I just LOVE the music playlist on the Old Red Barn Co’s website! I got a local version on my desktop and so far I have LOVED all the music they selected. SO cool, might have to add it here, maybe, possibly.


March 14, 2008. Tags: , , , . Quilting.


  1. dorkyquilts replied:

    Thanks for the quilt giveaway link! And you should NEVER EVER link me over to The Fat Quarter Shop. It’s some kind of a time warp. I swear I’ve only looked at a few things–and find that an hour has passed. It’s spooky…

  2. dana replied:

    Thanks for posting about the giveaway. And, your right! You do have a total of 11 entries. Good luck!!

    I love your blog and am bookmarking it now!

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