Dishwasher: The Sequel

Well, hubby finally agreed to let me get the dishwasher! In fact, he said it had something to do with a) wanting some peace and quiet (from me about wanting the new DW) and b) he actually had to kick it to get it to work last Thursday morning. It must know that it will soon be departing our house because it has been working fine since Thursday.  Unfortunately, the home center we bought the DW from did not have any at their local warehouse, but they had 42 due to arrive on March 28th. Well, that sort of spoiled my plan for them to deliver and install it next week while hubby is on Spring Break, but they are going to deliver it on Saturday, March 29th, which works for me.  We only have to make sure that my dear handy dad comes by to help uninstall the old one and install the new one for us.  I don’t know what I would do without my dad! He knows how to do EVERYTHING! He knows how to install microwaves, dishwashers and laminate flooring (which is our next project to save money).  I learned how to hang a picture and install a molly (you know, the thing you have to put into the wall before you put in a screw if you aren’t drilling directly into the stud?) and that’s about as far as my skills go. Oh, I did use a jigsaw right before the Christmas party for the ASTD because I needed to make a fireplace. (That’s a long, not quilting related story.) In other sewing news, I haven’t quilted ANYTHING this weekend. I started pinning the border on the double Irish chain baby blanket and it’s about 1/4 inch too short! I can’t figure that one out. I followed the instructions. Think I can catch that up in the seam allowance?  I have certainly had my fill of lining up square corners that’s for sure.  I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted this weekend. Mostly because hubby wanted to work on the back yard, which for some strange reason, required my help.  We bought seven baby Italian cypress trees and planted them along our back fence. In about 10 years we will have some really nice, tall trees to block out the view of the neighbor’s backyard. We also moved our year old jasmine plants over to our perrgola and spread them along some trellising. They look really good and soon they will be blooming and smell heavenly! I wish I had snapped some pictures of the backyard yesterday when it was nice and sunny, but hubby hadn’t finished planting the cypress yet. I’ll try to get some pictures some time this week. Well, sorry this was sort of a rambly post. Not much about sewing in here either. Hopefully that will change tomorrow. Until next time.

 Happy Stitches,



March 16, 2008. random stuff.

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  1. fatiah replied:

    You’re lucky to be getting a new dishwasher soon. In the East, dishwashers are not popular probably the Asian women are not so high-tech and prefer traditional handwashing of dishes. I guess manual dish-washing makes us look more hardworking wives and pride of hubbies. I would love to own one but I will be the odd one out as nobody I know owns one. Probably only the expatriates living here use them.

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