How Do I Quilt Thee, Let Me Count the Way(s)

It started like this:


And this:


And progressed to this:


And then this:


And somehow ended up like THIS:


So the QUILT TOP IS DONE! I just have to figure out how to quilt it! I don’t think I can actually put a poll widget ont this blog, so you’ll just have to comment with your vote. In fact, there isn’t much to vote on. I don’t know if there is any other way to quilt this than with stitch in the ditch. I also want to do some sort of cable design on the border (like cable knit sweaters which make me think of cold, blustery Ireland). If I get really ambitious I might do some cool Celtic design in the blocks that have to be quilted somehow as well. Oh, did I mention, I”VE NEVER QUILTED ANYTHING! That is why I am a quilting enthusiast I just LOVE to enthuse about it, but have’t really, actually, truly quilted anything that would need to have a binding and be used by someone, someday.  I have made blankets galore, but never a quilted blanket.  So I have a couple of questions: 1) What color thread should I use? I have a pink that I think would be perfect, but I am worried that if I stitch in the ditch it will show up. That wouldn’t necessarily be a BAD thing, but if I mess up, it could become very obvious.  2) I basted the quilt sandwhich with safty pins and then, when I flipped it over I saw that there are several puckers in the backing fabric, does that mean I have to unbaste it and try again? HOW can I get the back to be flat? I tried to tape it down, but I don’t have a large enough surface in my house that is not carpeted to tape it to. I have heard spray basting is good and I really want to try out the fusible 80/20 batting by Hobbs, but I’ve already cut my batting for this one, so I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now.  Well, any suggestions or comments are appreciated, as long as you keep them nice. Thanks for any advice. Until next time.

Happy Stitches,


P.S. I am calling this quilt the Irish Baby for now. The picture might not show it very well, but it is pink and yellow.


March 18, 2008. Tags: , , . Crafty Tuesday, quilt designs, Quilting, sewing.


  1. Joan replied:

    Beautiful quilt! I’m afraid the puckers have got to go before you start quilting. I pin baste too, and when I get puckers (which I do!) I un-pin that area, smooth the pucker toward an edge, pin again — and keep moving until I get the pucker off the edge. I’d probably use white thread or maybe a varigated pink. Can’t wait to see your final product!

  2. Lisa W. replied:

    Your baby quilt is very nice. 🙂

  3. Michele C replied:

    Anna: Great job! You’ve come a long way since I first met you in the fall. Good luck quilting it. I’ve never actually done a “real” quilting either, and I have a couple of quilt tops finished to do. There is a lady with a long arm machine down the road from me….
    — Michele

  4. dorkyquilts replied:

    Let me see…if this were my quilt, I’d do diagonal stitching across the yellow squares, a decorative swirly thing around the pink frame, and a simple block design (a simple celtic thingie) in the centers of the white print. The quilting in the pink “frames” around the white blocks will stand out the most. I always think this way: picture the whole quilt in black and white. You now have a red pen in your hand and you’re talking on the phone–how would you doodle on it??

    A cable-y border is a great idea…if you have the patience and your frustration level is low. Quilting on a drawn line is very difficult (unless it’s straight line, then it’s easy…)

    So that’s what I would do…but as we all know, I’m not a quilting maven. It’s the hardest part for me. I would ask a long-armer for advice. They’re experts!

  5. AllenQuilts replied:

    Love your little top, Anna…it’s darling!

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