It’s Haunting Me

I really do want to finish the double Irish chain baby blanket, really I do. It is sort of haunting me at the moment. Even though I want to at least finish the top, I keep getting distracted with other projects. All I have to do is add the borders, but I may have mentioned yesterday that for some reason my borders are too short by about 1/4 inch!  I don’t have any other fabric to add in here either.  I can probably catch that up in the seam allowance, but it’s sort of putting me off about trying to finish it.  So, instead I just spent some time making some cards like the ones I made a few weekends ago and making some goodies to send to those who commented on my 7000th visitor post. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget you guys. I have some neat treats ready to go, just have to get them in the envelope and mail box. That’s the hardest part because since I have a community box, we only have this tiny little slot to mail letters, so if I want to mail anything bigger, I have to take it to the post office. I think I will stop off and get some smaller envelopes after work today though.  I have had fun using my Xyron machine, which makes a sticker out of anything I run through it. It’s a hand crank which is sort of better for the environment because it doesn’t need batteries. It’s a great machine, for the price I paid.  I am also going to send off two large envelopes full of those little crumbs of fabric I had left over from various projects. I had two lovely ladies offer to take them off my hands because they use the crumbs to make charity quilts. I am happy to send them to a better home.  I still have one more envelope of crumbs left. It seems as though everyone has enough of these already. Lauri promised me we could get together some time and make a crumb quilt, maybe that will happen and I should keep this envelope for that future project. I also spent some time last night cutting some leaders and enders using Bonnie Hunter’s guidelines. I cut these “blocks” that are 2″X3.5″ or 2.5″x4.5″  These are cut from all the larger scrap pieces I have after a project. I put these into two separate baskets and whenever I am starting or stopping a piece, I run one set of these through. I have written about this before, but Bonnie Hunter does a great job of explaining it, visually, here.  So I ran out of leaders and enders and didn’t want to work on the double Irish chain until I had more. With that said, perhaps I will get the top finished TONIGHT! Maybe, maybe not.  I wouldn’t put any bets on it.   I want to start work on my Simplicity quilt next, but I have been waiting for the backing (as if I really NEED that right now) and I just found out that even though I ordered it on March 8, it didn’t ship until TODAY! That means I probably won’t get it until later this week. That’s OK, I don’t need it yet. In fact, I still need to cut out the pieces for the top. Yeah, more cutting. I just LOVE cutting, NOT!  Oh, and one last thing, I watched Pretty in Pink last night for the first time. It is a classic 80’s movie with Molly Ringwald. I liked the fact that the thing that sort of saves her in the end, is her ability to take two old prom dresses and merge them into one (although by today’s standards it would be YUCK!) that makes her stand out in the crowd and of course it is…PINK!  She designs it and even SEWS it together!  Her sewing ability saved her!  Also, I love pink stuff, but I just laughed the whole movie at the hair, the clothes and the music!  Classic 80’s.  Actually, when that movie was made, I was about 7 years old. But I still like it anyway. Whatever happened to those feel good, happy ending movies? Besides Jane Austen movies (which by the way, I also watched Becoming Jane and LOVEd that one!) most of the movies these days are full of violence and actions of an indescreet nature, get my hint?  The movies in the 80’s almost always had a happy ending, I am speaking of anything with Molly Ringwald, Michael J. Fox, or Melanie Griffith. Thank you, Internet Movie Database that always has listings of every movie I could ever imagine. Well, I suppose I will leave it at that, not sure how I got on the topic of movies from the 80’s or how it relates to sewing, but it’s fun to talk about. Maybe next time I’ll talk about Jane Austen, did you know she was a quilter?  Hmm, sew many more possibilities. Until next time.

 Happy Stitches,



March 18, 2008. Tags: , , , . Quilting, random stuff, sewing.

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