A Surprising New Direction

I am sew excited to announce that I have begun a second blog! Yes, one just wasn’t enough so I decided that I needed another one to sastify my bloggy craving. Haha. No, I just wanted to have a blog that is a little more focused on the tutorial aspect of quilting and sewing. I am not an expert, but I feel that my intermediate abilities are a plus. Often times I will read a pattern and be overwhelmed simply because it’s obvious that the person who wrote the directions was experienced and didn’t remember to include the “obvious stuff” that might not be apparent to new quilters/sewers.  That, combined with my teaching background and my new Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, made me want to combine all this knowledge and try to write some tutorials, or just find links to good tutorials out on the web.  I am still going to write A LOT on this blog since it is more of a personal blog and I have met so many new friends through it. But I feel a need to respond to people who may need some guidance about quilting and to share my own experiences along the way.  One of the great features of a WordPress blog is the search tracker that allows me to see what people searched for that led them to my blog. Sometimes I see that people searched for some really random things and found my blog, but probably didn’t get their question answered. I hope to be able to use the search information to guide my tutorials to what people are searching for. I am not sure if that will work, but I will try it for a little while. OK, so you are probably wondering what the address is for my new blog! Let me warn you, it’s brand new and I have only posted a welcome message. The blog is called Merrily We Sew Along. I also have a link to it over in my blogroll sidebar. I hope you’ll visit me over there as well as continue to visit me here and if you want to learn something or have a question. Please post it and we’ll go from there! Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



March 21, 2008. Tags: . Quilting, sewing.


  1. Ruth replied:

    Good idea! I am working on a bag right now and really wish the instructions were better. I think it needs more diagrams. Luckily, I have enough experience to be able to figure it out, but then, maybe I better wait until it is finished before I do any bragging! I hope it turns out ok – it’s a gift for my DIL.

  2. Michele C replied:

    Wow! You’re moving right along. Masters in Instructional Technology. Awesome! I think it is so interesting to read the histories of the textile artists and pattern makers. A lot of them have engineering and technology in their background and then had to burst out in creativity and use their education there. I was a finance and accounting major – always hated my work after the first few months because of the repetition. However, those skills transferred into managing my two businesses well and helps me stay mindful of balancing business and appropriate expenses and actually producing what I hope to. Do you “know” Dallas at http://www.sallad.net/blog/? She has education that sounds a lot like yours. She was one of my first swap partners last fall and has a really fun blog to follow. She and her husband stay busy and are always trying new things. Tell her I sent you.
    — Michele

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