Pay It Forward, Again

Pay It Forward

I really love to send little surprises to people in the mail. And the philosophy that I love behind PIF is that I get 6 months to send the surprise! SO you never know when it will be! So, I want to do it again. Why not? I just bought a fresh packaged of small manila envelopes and I am sure the post office appreciates my support. (Just think of how much money the post office probably makes off of swappers alone!) So, here it goes.

I don’t have the little blurb about Pay It Forward, sorry to not be following the rules. But it is something like this. If you comment on this post, I will send you a little home made gift. The only agreement you have to make is that you will also post about PIF on YOUR blog and send gifts to people who comment over there! You can link back to me if you want, you know I would appreciate the traffic. (It makes me feel special to see that 57 people visited my blog today, even if it is by some accident.)  If you have already received a PIF gift from me, that’s fine, just please let me know so I don’t send you the same thing twice, unless you want another one! Hehe, I am not going to give it away what I sent last time.  I think the standard PIF time frame is 6 months so that it is a super surprise to get a little squishy in the mail.  Oh, and usually it’s only for the first 3 people to comment, but I can’t really ever turn anyone down.  Tomorrow or Monday I’ll probably ask you to e mail me your home address so that I can send you the PIF gift.  OK, so I hope you’ll say hi and maybe send me over to read your blog as well. I always love to meet new bloggy friends and reconnect with old ones.  I have some good ideas brewing up in my head for future posts and they actually include…PICTURES!  But I do hope to really rev up my other blog, Merrily We Sew Along with great tutorials and links. Until next time!

Happy Stitches to You,



March 28, 2008. Tags: . Quilting, sewing.


  1. gina replied:

    PIF – actually, I’m already doing that on my tatting blog…picking someone at random in a drawing each month and sending them something in appreciation. It’s not exactly the same thing but I got the idea from this PIF post I saw either here or elsewhere. At any rate, I’ll mention it on my tatting blog. Who doesn’t love a mail surprise, including me?
    🙂 Gina

  2. Janquilts replied:

    Dear Anna,
    Good luck on ALL your blogs! What a big undertaking! Just a little aside. I was discouraged to see your political ad on your quilting website. I won’t comment about who the candidate is because I don’t think that is my point. I guess my point is that with ALLLLL that is out there, it is so refreshing in the quilt world of web sites, blogs and communities NOT to have it be there.
    Just my 2 bits.

  3. Lisa W. replied:

    PIF again. I still have one more to send out from the last time. I will join in again and post my PIF in April sometime. By the way thanks so much for the velvet fabric and the really beautiful card. 🙂 I really like the cute little pin cushion I got from you in the last PIF, I am getting a lot of use out of it. 🙂

  4. scrappy lady replied:

    Pay it forward is a neat idea! I wish my life were more exciting to have my own blog! When I feel like ” blogging ” I come to your site and click on your blogroll. You have some great ones! Thought I’d drop in and say “hi”. Have fun with your pay it forward.~ Wendy

  5. Myrna replied:

    Hi Anna, I am new to this PIF and blogging. But I do think it is a nice idea. I do sometimes leave a ‘blog’ on quilting friends but that is all. I never think I will have enough to say; however, when I get started typing I do seem to go on and on.
    I hope your pif is successful, a very neat idea.

    Myrna, quilting friends

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