Not Much to Report

You might be wondering why I would even bother posting if there isn’t much to show or report. Well, mostly my answer would just be because I love to chatter and this is my outlet so to speak.  I have be working on machine quilting the Irish Chain Baby blanket. Right now I am just stitching in the ditch and there are a lot of ditches on that thing!  Then I will go back and do some free motion stuff in the large blocks and maybe even along the outside border.  I am not as afraid of doing that now that I have practiced a little.  But, I have also sort of been procrastinating from finishing and since the quilt is sitting in the machine under the needle, it’s been sort of difficult to start any other projects while this one is in progress.  The good thing about a hobby is that if I feel like procrastinating, it’s OK!  But I do want to have the entire thing finished by next Thursday which is the quilt guild meeting. Maybe that will inspire me to finish tonight. I’ve had a horrible sore throat for the last two days and been going to bed close to 9:00pm.  That’s quite unusual for me. I did start posting on Merrily We Sew Along and started yesterday with an A post.  Today’s letter is…”B”.  I have been completely swamped at work as well. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be writing this!  So, that’s about it for now. As I said, not much to report but I still wanted to say hi to everyone in bloggy land and say thanks for commenting on the PIF post. I’ll be in touch with you all very soon. Until next time.

 Happy Stitches to You,



April 2, 2008. Tags: . Quilting.


  1. fatiah replied:

    It’s ok if you got nothing to show. It’s good to know you are doing well and progressing behind the blogging scene.

  2. Ruth replied:

    Nothing like a guild meeting to provide motivation. I like to have something to take to show & tell. My meeting is a week away and I want to get my second tote bag finished to take with me since I mailed the first one to my DIL. Hope you feel better soon!

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