A Quick Post to Show I am Still Alive

I know, it’s silly to post to say that there is still nothing to say. But I feel I need to, it’s like an addiction! Of course, life has been really busy lately, work has been crazy and I have just felt so tired when I get home! I think I have been fighting off a cold or something.  Most of the time I tend to avoid the computer like a plague whenever I get home anyway.  But I have worked on a few things. I started making a special something for my dear sister who is going to stay in Montana a little longer than expected. I hope to get it finished soon so I can send it to her. Unfortunately, I can’t post much in the way of pictures since it’s a surprise and I think she might actually read this blog occasionally. But let me just say this, it is something I am sure she will like, use and be happy with and it comes from Amy Butler’s book, In Stitches.  The Irish Chain Baby blanket is about 3/4 finished with the quilting. I finished stitching in the ditch and now have to do the free motion stuff. I already have a template design and have practiced but have had some trouble with the tension and don’t want to mess it up on the actual quilt. So, until I can get that figured out, I am putting that project on hold, unfortunately. In other exciting news, this weekend is the Bluebonnet Trail Shop Hop, which is SO fun! I have been looking forward to it and am actually taking a day off work so I can go!  It is sort of a motivator for me to finish some projects since I sort of made it a goal to not buy any new fabric until I finished some projects! Well, three quilt tops in three months seems like progress to me, but now I just need to search for backings and stuff to finish those quilt tops. Plus, I need to find some red fabric for a Red Fat Quarter swap I am hosting on my Quilting Friends group. That group has really been an inspiration to me and such fun ladies. They are like my online quilt guild. I can’t believe we have more than 50 members already!  I hope my posts aren’t too boring without pictures. I am sure my sparkling personality comes through the words that I write and then pictures aren’t really necessary, yeah right. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this blog. It’s nice to know people are interested in what I have to say, even if it is just silly ramblings. Well, until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



April 8, 2008. Tags: , , , . Quilting, random stuff.

One Comment

  1. colour du jour replied:

    have you finished what you are working on for you sister. You know that we are all waiting for a picture!

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