Texas Bluebonnet Trail Shop Hop

Would you like to go on a virtual shop hop with me? If so, come along, we’ll hop in my hybrid and ride along. Don’t worry, most of the stores are in San Antonio, only a couple of them are out of town. Turns out, they always say it’s best to combine errands if you want to save gas, so why not visit SIX fabric stores in ONE DAY!?  (Click on the pictures for links to the stores’ websites)

First, let’s stop for breakfast. The quilt stores don’t open until 9:00 am and it’s only 7:30am.  Hmm, this place looks pretty good, The Magnolia Pancake House.

The Magnolia Pancake House

Mmm, yummy pancakes. Actually I prefer waffles, how about an apple cinnamon waffle with pecans and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice? Sounds good to me! (Sorry, I didn’t take a picture for two reasons, 1) I thought I would get some strange looks taking pictures of my food and 2) I ate it before I remembered to get my camera!)

OK, breakfast is done and it’s just about time for the first shop to open. We drive up the street about a mile (hmm, could I have possibly planned it this way?) and here we are at Creative Sewing Center.

Creative Sewing Center

They have a lot of bolts of fabric and some yummy goodies inside. I said hello to my good friend Paula who I became friends with when I worked here a couple of years ago. I was a sewing machine sales person, but I wasn’t very good, I never sold a sewing machine to anyone but my husband! (And I didn’t even get a commission off that because we bought it after I moved on to another job.) Oh well, I have certainly gotten my money’s worth from that machine and still going strong! Oh, where does the time go? We need to get on the road if we want to visit the best store, Creations, in Kerrville, Texas. By the way, did I mention that every store always has a theme during the shop hop?  Sometimes the themes are really obvious and sometimes they aren’t. The theme at Creations was The Pirate Quilter, or something like that, and all the characters from The Pirates of the Carribean decided to stop by. I couldn’t resist getting a picture with Will Turner (aka Orlando Bloom!)



Creations is a great store, it’s in a very old Victorian house! I love quilt stores that are in old houses. Since quilting is a tradition that has quite a history it makes sense to have a quilt shop in a house with a history as well!  After we got our fill of Creations, including a VERY cool pirate quilt kit (for a future post), we head back to San Antonio to visit some of the local shops. Next, let’s visit one of my favorite local shops, Memories by the Yard. Their theme this year is an ice cream shop! All the ladies have cute aprons and paper Bluebell Ice Cream hats (Bluebell is made here in Texas, in Brenham) they even give away free ice cream!

 By this time, I need a little break, let’s sit down and plan out our next course of action. I think we’ll go to Las Colchas next. It’s downtown a little ways, since it’s only about 3:30pm we can get down there before the hectic 5:00pm work traffic (did I mention we are doing this trip on a Friday?)  Hmm, here’s a Sonic, let’s stop in for a quick Cranberry Slush and Cherry Limeade and then we’ll be refreshed and ready for the next store.  Ahh, Las Colchas, housed in a Sear’s kit house circa 1910, it looks so festive and exciting today!

Las Colchas

This is a store where we can go crazy! Oh, as I walk in I see the perfect fabric kit for a queen sized quilt! It has all the colors that go perfectly with my bedroom. Here’s a picture of the fabrics on my bed with some pillow shams I bought in Fredericksburg.

You’ll have to wait to see what the quilt will actually look like!  At least this way my husband will know that I actually do something with the fabric I buy! Well, almost time to go home, but I think we should visit one more store that just happens to be on the way back to my house, Seventh Heaven Quilt Shop.

This shop is nice as well. I found my fat quarters for a special quilt block I am making (more about that later too, or you can visit Quilting Friends to see more about the Churn Dash for the Cure quilt).

Hmm, I am really getting hungry, guess we should grab a bite. Let’s go to La Madeleine.  Yummy tomato basil soup and a portobello sandwhich, perfect. At this point, it’s only about 6:30pm and the shops are open until 9:00pm for the shop hop.  We can go back to Memories by the Yard or go to New Braunfels which is about 45 minutes away. Well, after some discussion, New Braunfels wins, partially because if we go there we get another free fat quarter! Sure, we’ll drive 45 minutes for a free piece of fabric, who wouldn’t?  Well, fast forward, here we are…

Well, what do you know? Their theme is also pirates this year! Well, can’t have too many pirate things, is what I say. They have an awesome assortment of Jelly Rolls at this shop and I really like their version of the Bluebonnet Shop Hop quilt. (It actually includes the pirate theme.) After my bank account recovers I might just come back for that kit.  By this time, we have almost been shopping for 12 hours! It’s almost 9:00pm and time to go home. It’s been a busy day and we have a lot of “quilting booty” in my car. Good thing we have the cover of darkness under which to bring it in to the house. I hope you have enjoyed the virtual shop hop as much as I enjoyed the real shop hop, and I REALLY enjoyed that shop hop! And since we hit the stores on Friday it gives me all of Saturday and Sunday to wash and organize my fabric! I’ll post pictures of my stash organization later. There were actually seven other stores that we didn’t get to visit this year. That’s OK, perhaps next year we will.  Well, until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. I am sorry if the pictures aren’t all centered, WordPress changed their picture uploading and even though it’s an improvement, I am still figuring it out.


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  1. colour du jour replied:

    Hey I had fun too, more fun would have been in person chatting along the way…

    cant wait to see what you bought.

    I’m having trouble uploading photos too. took me about an two hours for just a few. come see…

  2. Michele C replied:

    Fun shopping! The only extra place I would have stopped is Taco Cabana. Oh, how I miss that place! Fajitas and guac and breakfast burritos with chorizo! Mmmm…
    — Michele

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