UFO Sighting, and finished!

I finished a UFO last night, but not exactly the way I had originally planned. Bear with me, I don’t have any pictures yet, of course, but I will take some soon. I want to set up a sort of a picture taking area as suggested by Lisa Boyer (who is not a professional photographer but offers some good advice) and then I’ll take the pictures. She suggests using something that is white, like foam board, as a background for photographs and then they will have a really cool professional look (those are my words actually).  You can read the entire post here. Thanks, Lisa for explaining picture taking in terms anyone can understand. Ok, so back to my project. Last year some time I bought a kit to make a cute bag called the Trixie bag (you might have to scroll down a bit to find it on this page). It has lots of adorable ruffles and is made with the most beautiful line of fabric called Wuthering Heights by 3 Sisters and Moda. Well, turns out I am not really very good at ruffles or gathers or anything like that, so I started to make the bag and then got discouraged and put it away on a shelf for a very long time. Then, on Sunday evening, about 9:00 pm I decided I wanted to make a new tote bag for myself. I searched all my patterns and magazines but couldn’t find a pattern I liked or wanted to make. I just wanted something simple and pretty. Then I spotted the fabric for the Trixie bag on my shelf. Hmm, could I make a tote out of that? Probably. I worked on it for a couple of hours Sunday night and last night and guess what? I made a NEW bag! And it really isn’t very much like the Trixie bag at all, just uses the fabric.  I can’t wait to post a picture, but I wanted to share before I even had the picture. Maybe this will get people to check back later today or tomorrow to see if it’s there. I’ll keep you in suspense until then. I just love it when I get inspired and even if I don’t have a pattern I end of making something fun and cute!  Until next time.

Happy Stiches to You,



April 22, 2008. Quilting.

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