Quilting Retreat Weekend!

After work today I am heading out to New Braunfels for an entire weekend of sewing and quilting! My mother in law is coming along and we both expect to get a lot of projects finished. I am sure I will have a lot to report when I return on Sunday, hopefully I’ll have the time to post it. I feel as though I’ve neglected my blog a little bit lately, but I hope that will change soon. I might be getting a new computer and embarking on an exciting quilting adventure. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as many things cut out before the retreat as I had hoped.  But I have cut all the pieces for the pirate quilt as well as have all the pieces ready for the Chelsea Boutique. Believe me, after a week like I’ve had, I am so happy to have a relaxing weekend of sewing, quilting, and hopefully some chocolate!  Plus, all our meals are provided and even some snacks along the way. Now I just have to make it until 3:00pm. Hmm, that’s seven hours, I hope I can do it!  Here is my project list for the retreat:

1. Pirate quilt

2. Chelsea Boutique quilt

3. Child’s apron for gift basket

4. Train pillow case for Joshua

5. purse/bag for Lauri

6. Anything else I can come up with since I am bringing extra fabric, just in case and we are stopping by the fabric store too!

I hope to post an update on Sunday afternoon or evening.

Happy Stitches to You,



May 2, 2008. Tags: . Goals, Quilting, sewing.

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