Baby Steps


I am very proud of my progress on the Chelsea Boutique quilt. At this stage of the game, when I can put some of the completed blocks up on the design wall with the sashing and cornerstones, I get a little chill because it actually does look a lot like the picture of the finished quilt!  I had planned to work on this quilt all through the quilt retreat and even maybe get the top finished but that was not to be. I ended up working on a smaller, more manageable project at the quilt retreat (the pirate quilt) and put Chelsea Boutique aside. There was a reason for that, it’s called the Ripper Tipper. You see, there was this jar, and every time you had to rip out a seam, you had to put in a quarter and a piece of paper with your name on it. On the afternoon of the last day of the retreat the money was counted up and a name was drawn from the jar. The person who won got to keep all $76 that was in the jar.  Well, I didn’t have a lot of quarters so I put a dollar in the jar, if I had actually pieced Chelsea Boutique, I woud have spent about $50 in quarters I think.  In fact, the first block I tried to put together I had to rip three times because somehow every time I picked up the pieces I wanted to sew together, I picked it up incorrectly and sewed the wrong sides together. Since returning from the retreat (and being Ripper Tipper free) I have put together six blocks. Also, since this is a quilt that I put pieces together in between other quilts, I wasn’t exactly accurate with my seams or even with my cutting. So, that is of course, causing a lot of frustration at this point in the game. Oh well, I guess that’s my penance for thinking I could piece an entire quilt top in between the pieces of other quilts. Now, as I put these blocks together, I am trying to be as accurate as possible, and if I put it together and find that it looks wonky (a technical quilting term) I rip it out and resew it. Perhaps after I finish all 50 blocks, I’ll have learned a thing or two about accuracy.  And now, since I have this entire pile of blocks waiting to be pieced (two half square triangle squares, and two four patches for one block, I am trying to piece one or two blocks every day if possible, or whenever I can grab 15 minutes. The blocks are pretty small, only about 9 inches finished. But even when I get the blocks finished, then I have to go back and put on the sashing and the cornerstones, now THAT is going to be fun!  Also, I think it’s sort of cool that this quilt top looks really scrappy, but most of it is made with the Chelsea Boutique line of fabrics. I bought a kit to make it, but the quilt shop had sort of run out of all the Chelsea Boutique fabrics by the time they made the kit, so they added in some of their other vintagey and sort of 1800s reproduction type fabrics. It actually works too. I don’t know if this quilt will be big enough for my bed, but I am hoping that I’ll be able to add some outside borders to enlarge it if needed. Well, it’s pretty late so I am going to go now. I hope I’ll be able to make some more progress tomorrow. One last thing to leave you with. I made a new fabric covered bulletin board for myself over the weekend. I even found some cool brad type things that I turned into thumbtacks and they are covered in AMY BUTLER fabric! Sometimes I am really amazed at what I can find at Michael’s Craft Store.  So here is a picture of the bulletin board I made. I was going for a sort of Shabby Chic look. (Pay no attention to the bubblegum pink walls, those will soon be painted, hopefully.)




Happy Stitches and Happy Craftiness to you,




May 21, 2008. Tags: , . Quilting, random stuff.


  1. scrappylady replied:

    Hi Anna,

    I’m loving your blocks! It is helping to motivate me! I was able to get on the quilting friends website and read some comments, but it won’t let me leave any messages. We had our computer worked on and now I’m having other problems! I did have this info written down so I’m trying to leave this message here to make sure this site will still work for me! I will leave you a more detailed message at your yahoo account. Wendy

  2. BCQuilter replied:

    HI Anna,

    You’ve been doing very well, quilting and here on your blog.

    I really like the idea of the “Ripper Tipper”. Our guild has a “Wimpy All-Nighter” coming up, and I think this would be a great idea. I’m going to put my own spin on it… make it a 50/50 draw, with 50% going towards something for the guild community/charity quilts, or library.


  3. Wagonwife replied:

    Hi Anna,

    Thought I would check out your blog. I love it. I love your bulletin board and the quilt as I said before. Great job. Debra

  4. Pam replied:

    Anna – Love this quilt. Was the Chelsea Boutique pattern a separate pattern and if so, could you give me the designer’s name. Or did it come from a book and could you send me the name of the book if that’s the case. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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