My Camera is so Cool!

So I decided to finally start a new project tonight. I have been working on the Chelsea Boutique quilt, but it is getting sort of monotonous so I decided to get started on this baby quilt that I wanted to make. It was inspired by a charm pack from a line of fabrics called Peek-a-Boo. They are some really cute and sort of bright baby fabrics.  I found the fabrics for the entire quilt on one of our side trips to Quilt Haus in New Braunfels.  Well, that’s a separate story, but I had the entire quilt ready on my design wall. Here is a sneek peek:


I believe you can click on the image for a larger view, although you might want to put on your sunglasses!  This is before sewing it together (of course) so the sashing will be slightly smaller, about 1.5 inches.  Well, as I started piecing this together I thought, “Hmm, I have a video capability on my digital camera, wouldn’t it be fun to create a quick little tutorial about my favorite thing, Leaders and Enders?”  The answer was yes, so, after filming the video and playing around with my Windows Movie Maker I created a cute video. The only problem is that in order to get it onto this blog, I have to use a third party website such as google video, which is fine, except that I had to get some sort of approval since this is the first time I’ve used it. So, if you want to see the video I created, please visit the Quilting Friends site by clicking here. Time to go to bed. Gee, I could have probably finished an entire quilt in the time it took me to upload that video!

Happy Stitches to You,



May 28, 2008. Tags: . Goals, Quilting, sewing, UFOs.


  1. AllenQuilts replied:

    That is going to be a really cute, cheerful quilt!

  2. lisakingsley replied:

    I love the brightness of the green. Very pretty.

  3. colour du jour replied:

    great idea on the leaders and enders, i’ve always just used a scrap But I think I will start cutting little squares of those smallest scraps instead of savings them with the big scraps LOL great video. thanks

  4. Debra replied:

    Anna I love the colors of the quilt. The green sets everything off.
    Just beautiful. Have fun with the camera.

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