A New Project, Maybe

Do you ever just wander around your sewing room/area searching for inspiration? I am maybe half way through with Chelsea Boutiqe, or at least with piecing the blocks, and I guess I have gotten bored. So today I started a new project without any idea what the end result will look like. I can sort of see it in my head. I was inspired by something in my scrap pile. I have this beautiful pink swirly batik that is left over from a skirt I made awhile back. Plus, at our last guild meeting the speaker showed her quilts and she did something that I think is called Raw Edge Applique. This is my sort of technique, you don’t have to worry about turning the edge under or carefully stitching around the end of the object. Just pick a decorative stitch and use that to stitch down the applique shape. Or at least, that’s what I think the general idea is.  So, I found a nice flower shape, enlarged it a little on my printer/scanner/copier (I love that machine) and have traced out my shapes onto freezer paper. The next step is to iron it on to the fabrics and cut them out. I am going to try putting the shapes onto denim. I think they will look really cool if I can do it right.  I am going to challenge myself. It’s called the Use What You Have Challenge. Can I make something without buying any new fabric for it? We’ll see. I’ll try to post my progress. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



June 29, 2008. Goals, Quilting.

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