Crafty Girls’ Day a Success

I have always been a person who likes to join groups. I guess I am a fairly social person. If there isn’t a group that meets my needs, I start one.  So, I realized that several of my friends like to do various crafty things such as sewing, embroidery, knitting, scrapbooking, jewlery making, etc.  Instead of just going to a quilt guild meeting where the projects were limited, and we weren’t really able to work on anything during the meeting, I decided to start a group for the “Crafty Girls” that I knew. Well, yesterday was our first meeting and I would say it was a roaring success!  I probably invited 10 or 12 people and I had 7 show up (better than 50% which is awesome). Everyone got along great and was able to chat and work on projects.  Also, it was a chance to see my friends from work outside of our work environment which was really fun as well.  I had a few that I invited who weren’t able to make it but since I plan to host this every month, all I had to say was “That’s OK, maybe we’ll see you next month.”  It felt like a very productive afternoon and everyone brought a goodie to share so there was an abundance of good feelings and CHOCOLATE!  I even helped my friend and supervisor start making a pillowcase since she is just learning how to sew.  And, even though I didn’t really get a chance to work on anything for myself, it was fun to help other people. We’ve already started discussing the idea of teaching classes as well.

Use What You Have Challenge Update

As much as Crafty Girls was a success, I would say I have failed at the Use What You Have Challenge.  I started on a baby blanket for my coworker’s new grandaughter and have used a charm pack and some beautiful brushed cotton for the center. But I had to buy a yard for the backing and I am trying to decide what do to for the appliqued center.  I think I’ve actually bought more fabric this month when I’ve been trying to do this challenge. I really think I am a fabric shop-a-holic.  I sort of blame my new sewing buddy Jenni because she has only recently begun to explore the local fabric shops and I have had to be her shopping buddy as well. So, even though there is a week left in July before the deadline for this challenge, I think I am going to extend it indefinately. Given this, you might notice that the badge in my sidebar has changed. It not longer has a date. With my busy work schedule, it is difficult to really get much accomplished in only one month.  I will try to provide monthly updates of my progress though. 

Thrift Store Shopping

My mom and I are trying to learn to be more thrifty and to save money. This obviously doesn’t work too well when I decide to go to the fabric store every other week, but we also decided to check out the Goodwill, which I call a thrift store, for cotton dresses that can be an inexpensive source of fairly nice fabric. In fact, I found a denim jumper that I would never wear but I am really looking forward to making it into a tote bag at some point. My mom also found several other dresses and a beautiful pink sheet that we can make into tote bags.  Here are pictures of the dresses before we took the scissors to them.


Well, that’s the update for now. I hope everyone is having a productive summer (even if you have to work like I do). Please feel free to say hi. I am probably more likely to post more often if I know people are out there reading my ramblings.

Happy Stitches to You,




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  1. lisakingsley replied:

    Ooh I wish I was close enough to come to crafty girls day. I love the denim in the dress for a tote bag. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Lauri replied:

    Crafty Girls is the best! I had such a great time…glad I finally got to meet your mom, and it was nice to be able to actually sit and have a real conversation with Regina…usually it’s just ‘Hi and Bye’. Although, I do need to get everyone else’s names straight…there were some great people there! Just remember…you cannot do Crafty Girls in August the weekend of the 16th and 17th!

    And did you take a picture of that cake??? lol!

  3. Monica A replied:

    Hi Anna,
    So nice to find another local blogger. The crafty girls group sounds so fun. I would love to be included in a future meeting, if is not to much to ask 😉
    Take care,

  4. fatiah replied:

    Hi Anna. How are things/ Do keep us posted.

  5. colour du jour replied:

    hey anna, what ya been doing lately, sewing up a storm and no time to post? 🙂

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