Another Year Older…

Tomorrow, I will turn 29. Wow, that is amazing, I realized I have lived in San Antonio, Texas for 20 years of my life. But yet, I never really say I am from here. I still consider myself a Midwest girl most of the time.  I am more excited about the Houston International Quilt Show and Festival next weekend than I am about my birthday. I think it will be nice to have a little extra attention at work (since I sit in a lonely office all day, any attention is nice), but mostly it will just be an ordinary busy day at work tomorrow.  On a different note, I had a Crafty Girls meeting again at my house yesterday, it was fun! We made aprons, which I hope to post pictures of mine fairly soon. I didn’t finish my apron yet, but hopefully will in the next day or two.  We just used charm packs and stitched them together. The hardest/most time consuming part is the binding around the edge.  That’s all I have to do really.  I will say that I have gone through some tough times just in the last six months or so, that have really caused me to re-evaluate, well, everything. My career, my marriage, everything. I really hope that year 29 will be better than the last half of year 28. I think that is what keeps me going, the hope for a better tomorrow. I think this week will seem extra long because of my anticipation of the quilt show. I’ve worked several 6 day, 45-48 hour weeks lately and I am really looking forward to the three day weekend. Ok, sorry to ramble. Wow, I’ve actually managed to post twice in the same week, amazing! Until next time, keep up with those crafty, quilty projects and feel free to post to say hi and let me know what you all have been up to!

Happy Stitches to You,



October 26, 2008. Quilting.


  1. scrappylady replied:

    Happy Birthday Anna! I’ve definitely had a few of ‘ those’ years, myself. ( And the older you get the more of them you seem to have! This one’s been a tough one for me too, but things are finally looking up and I hope they stay that way for both of us!) Have a wonderful day and I’m anxious to hear about your fun weekend coming up! Best Wishes to you! ~ Wendy

  2. Lisa W. replied:

    Happy Birthday Anna!

  3. Myrna replied:

    A little late but “hapy Birthday” Anna. And I hope your three day weekend will be great.

  4. Myrna replied:

    A little late but “happy Birthday” Anna. And I hope your three day weekend will be great.

  5. Michele C replied:

    I wish I had read your post last month. I flew out to Houston to go to the Festival, too. It would have been fun to meet. — Michele

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