Eco Friendly Holidays

I hope everyone is having lots of fun thinking of all the great home made gifts to make for your loved ones this year. I always start thinking of that waaaay too late and feel sad when I run out of time. I think next year I will start in January and make some gifts for someone every month. In fact, check back here because I have something brewing that could be exciting if you are in the same mindset about gift making. Otherwise, check out the blog at Sew Mama Sew because they are featuring awesome blogs and tutorials every day with TONS of ideas for Home made Holidays. 

NOTE: The following is not exactly sewing related, and it’s not exactly crafty, but I think it is VERY important for something that I care about A LOT which is our planet. So, if you don’t want to hear an eco-rant, stop reading, but if you are curious, READ ON! I’ll try to keep it civil.

Several years ago, my hubby moved into my house about the same time his parents were moving to a new house. (He lived with them until we got married.) So, the goofy post office got his forwarding address and his parents’ names mixed up and we’ve gotten onto A TON of mailing lists for catalog companies. The strange thing is that my WONDERFUL mother in law has submitted numerous change of address requests, but the catalogs still come to our house with her or her hubby’s name printed and with OUR address. And even stranger, is that when we MOVED to a completely DIFFERENT house, we are STILL getting catalogs with their names and our NEW address printed on them (or Current Resident).  SO, last year I was a little tired of my mail box being filled up with useless catalogs that were tempting me to purchase from them, especially when I wanted to have a home made holiday (or at least support the crafters on or something). What did I do about it? I took the pile of catalogs I received up to my computer room, logged onto the Internet and went to every website from the catalogs and asked to have my address removed from their list. I did this for as many catalogs as we received, and believe me, sometimes we got the same catalog two weeks apart.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it makes me feel a tiny bit better to know that I am not going to get these catalogs and might save a tree or something. Well, I THOUGHT that this year would be better and I wouldn’t get as many catalogs, boy was I WRONG. So far, I have visited 15 websites and requested to be removed. A word of caution, sometimes if you get on ONE catalog mailing list (my husband likes to order from one company), they have four or five affiliate companies and you end up on four other catalog lists. Therefore, if you write these e mails, you should also suggest that they remove you from their affiliate lists as well.  By the way, the majority of the catalogs I have gotten this year seem to be DIFFERENT from what I got last year. And I noticed that hubby’s name is on some of them.  I figure that if I can pass this idea on to a few people and they ALL get online and get their names off the catalog lists, it might save a few more trees.  Also, I am always sure to be nice in my request, to mention that I am trying to me eco-conscious this year and that I will keep their website in mind for future purchases. I mean, if I really like their company’s products, I’ll go looking for it, right?  And I already have their website on my computer since I had to go to it to find their customer service e mail.  One catalog site I visited didn’t have an e mail to send to but it had a LIVE chat interface. I was able to chat with a rep and ask to have my address removed. That’s so cool.  Now, I think I’ll go search for some ideas of how to make cool stuff out of unwanted catalogs.  Please, if you are getting a ton of unwanted catalogs this holiday season (mine started just after Halloween this year), consider unsubscribing from their mailing list. And check out the option of recycling the catalogs before throwing them in the trash, the recycling pick up in my city allows us to recycle catalogs and I’ve also heard that the green and yellow recycle canisters outside of many schools accept shiny catalogs (and sometimes they receive fundraising dollars for the paper they collect). Thank you for listening to my rant. I am off to be crafty now!

Happy Craftyness to You,



November 14, 2008. Tags: , . Goals, Holidays.

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