November Project Update

In a few moments, I will be finishing the binding on Joshua’s quilt which was item number one on my list of projects for November. I finished piecing the top, then tied it to the minkee backing and only needed to find the perfect binding. I had a gift card to my favorite quilt shop in Kerrville, TX, Creations. My dear husband agreed to let us stop by there on our way to Fredericksburg, on Friday. That is our traditional Black Friday pilgrimage.  It just so happened that they had the perfect fabric for the binding, a stripe that had every color from the quilt! I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon cutting the binding and putting it on the front of the quilt. All that’s left is to fold it over and stitch it down! (Pictures to be posted soon.) I am excited because I have enough minkee left over to make a matching pillowcase! I also had time to work on two of the four pin cushion woolie patterns that I got in a kit at the Houton Quilt Festival.  I hope to get the other two finished some time in December. Here is my list for December:

1) Christmas presents for various people

2) Chelsea Boutique quilt top

3) Aprons

Hmm, I think that is enough. December is a busy month anyway, and we agreed to host Christmas dinner. Don’t forget to let me know if you are posting your list of projects.

Until next time.

Happy Stitching,

The Barefoot Quilter


November 30, 2008. Tags: . Goals, Holidays, Quilting, sewing.


  1. PiplupBoy replied:

    Hi, little sis! I’m sorry about not getting you a birthday present, I hoped the cookies had Mom give you are OK. ^_^

    I’m gald to hear you’re hosting a Christmas dinner. Good luck with that! If oyu need cooking tips, you know my e-mail.

  2. Ruthie replied:

    OH MY GOD I am so jealous! Our brother comments on your blog but not mine, what the heck?!?!?!!?! I have totally been blogging longer. 🙂

    I gave you an award, pop on by my muddysweetpotato blog.

    ❤ you!

  3. Jan Ward replied:

    Hi Anna, I took your poll and checked “other”. I only made one gift that I had planned last fall. I usually will make one gift a year for someone I know will appreciate it. It rotates. When I was younger and stayed at home with children, I made lots of gifts. One year I made my children and my niece and nephew hand made cabbage patch dolls with clothes! Another year, I made my sister, 2 sisters in law, my step mother and my mother in law quilted vests. I guess that over achieving caught up with me! Ha! Now, like I described, I make something when the spirit leads so it is usually 1 gift a year or every other year! Good luck with yours! They sound wonderful and I am sure everyone will be so pleased!

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