One Down, Ten More to Go…

I finally finished the quilt for my Godson. I also managed to make a pillowcase out of Minkee too! They are all wrapped up in a box so that he can rip through them some time soon. I am not sure if he’ll get to open it on Christmas or not. Perhaps after Christmas. Last night I went to a birthday party for the children of my VERY good friend Danny. His boys are now 2yrs and 3yrs old, and they are growing up very quickly. As it turns out, I still had their presents from last year, which were some quick fleece blankets I made for them, so I brought those to the party. Danny and his wife said they really liked the blankets and they really appreciate home made presents. I also gave Danny a fleece blanket that was from several years ago when there were panels of Star Wars scenes available. I had bought the panel with the intention of doing something to make it into a blanket for Danny who is a Star Wars FANATIC, I ended up just going around the edge with pinking shears because anything else would have detracted from the picture on the panel. It’s fleece, which is perfect for down here in San Antonio, where one day it will be 45 degrees but tomorrow it could be 75 degrees. I hope they enjoy the blankets

baby blankets

Blankets for the Boys

 My mom and mother in law stopped by on Saturday for our December Git Er Done Crafty Girls meeting.  Mom and I worked on a project for someone special (who might read this blog so not too many details now) and we Got it DONE!  I really liked how it came out too. I have found a great tutorial for another project I plan to start TONIGHT for a special someone and I am sure I’ll Git Er Done before Thursday (fingers crossed).  I’ve already started thinking about New Years Resolutions and I really hope that in 2009 I’ll be able to start immediately with making presents for December. I want to give ALL home made presents for Christmas 2009 and that is going to take some real planning. Oh, and since January seems to be the time that most magazines start printing articles about getting organized, check back on this blog for pictures of the new shelves my mom and dad are helping me install in my sewing room as a Christmas present for this year! I’ve already done the preliminary packing up of the fabric (boo hoo) so that I can have work room to install the shelves. I want to put them in this “nook” area I have in my sewing room. In this picture there was a bookshelf that served the purpose but actually wasted a lot of space.

Bookcase After

So if you can imagine it, I plan to install about four shelves that will hold clear containers for my fabric and projects. I also want to put one of my sewing tables in this nook so I can have a space for my laptop. I think this will make my room feel very organized and help inspire my creativity! Well, until next time.

Happy Crafting,



December 22, 2008. Crafty Girls, Organizing, Quilting, random stuff.


  1. Lisa W. replied:

    Anna, Looking forward to seeing your sewing room shelves up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. 🙂

  2. Lisa replied:

    Dear Anna,
    I was wondering if you could help me. I bought 10 yards of fusible fleece at Wal-Mart to bind to the back of some camo flannel for my two sons and my nephew for Christmas this year. I accidently left the instruction on the cutting table. When I went back, the instructions were gone and so were all of the instructions inside the bolt. So, I called all of the Wal-Mart stores in a 50 mile radius at least, and none of them were able to get me the instructions. I’ve tried to find the instructions online, and all I can find are things that say to follow the manufacturer’s instructions — which I don’t have. I’m getting pretty frustrated. But then I saw that you left a comment on a different page saying that you used fusible fleece a lot and like it. And I thought you might know the proper instructions for how to use it. Please help! ASAP! I’ve gotta get these done today or tomorrow at the latest! Thanks!

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