Notice anything new?

Well, it’s a new year, might as well choose a new theme for my blog, right? I wanted something with a little more color at least.  01/13/09 Update: Sorry, changed my mind when I noticed that all my links went away.

Now, the big question, did I finish ANY of the projects I posted back in November? Here’s the list:

1) Joshua’s Quilt (finish the top, tie it, and bind it) DONE! (Even wrapped up and ready to give, PLUS I made a pillowcase!)

2) Chelsea Boutique Quilt (I’d be happy to get the top finished) Uhm, not DONE quite yet, but I have assembled all the rows, and the border, so just need to sew the rows together and put the border on. I HOPE to be able to do that this evening into the wee hours of the morning or maybe even get the TOP done before 2009!

3) Aprons galore (have two cut out, need to put them together) Hmm, I haven’t finished any of the aprons I cut out but I did help my mom finish her’s as a Christmas present for my sister. So, now I know how to finish one of the two that I started.

4) Houses Penny rug (bought this as a kit at HQF (Houston Quilt Festival) want to have something to work on while watching TV Need to work on this one, add it to the list for 2009 I suppose.

One out of four isn’t bad, right? I know I posted about Joshua’s Quilt already so I must be really proud of that one.   I DO have pictures to share of the finished quilt and pillowcase and even of the shelves I got for Christmas!  I think I will post them sometime soon, perhaps even as early as tomorrow if I get the Chelsea Boutique top finished.

Considering that this is my LAST post of the year 2008, I thought I would consider some goals for 2009. I did this last year, and I am not sure I stuck completely with my goals. I know I was able to use some of my stash, although I did add to it as well (I blame the Houston Quilt Festival for that one, but it sure was fun!)  I haven’t gotten into better shape, but since my hubby gave me the Wii Fit for Christmas, I have a new incentive to try again this year.  I have tried to be more eco-friendly and recycle more. Perhaps this year we can work on getting a compost system started. So, that was a quick review of last year’s goals, how about 2009 goals:

Quilting Goals:

1) Use more of what I have FIRST.

2) Get those WIPs DONE.

3) Whittle down the stuff in the project boxes.

Personal Goals:

1) Be more aware of others and their feelings

2) Be happy in every little joy in life.

3) Look for the good in others.


1) Start a composting system

2) Get a bigger recycling bin.

3) Ask for paper bags if forget to bring in cloth bags to grocery store.

Argh, I have a lot of goals for myself! I hope I can keep them in mind and actually make some progress by the end of the year. It is sort of difficult to realize that by being thrifty and using my stash first, I might be, in some tiny way, hurting my local quilt shop. It’s not as though I purchase enough to support them each month, but if several quilters who usually buy fabric every month decide to cut back, that can put a dent in their sales. I am sure I’ll still need to visit the store for backing or binding fabrics, so I hope they don’t feel neglected in the coming year. Well, I suppose that is enough rambling for now. See you next year!

Happy New Year!

The barefoot quilter,




December 31, 2008. Goals, Organizing, Quilting.

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