Ambitious Goal

Lately I have been almost obsessing about getting my works in progress finished. Granted, that take away time I have to actually spend working on them, but most of this obsessing is done while I am at work or unable to actually work on my projects. As you’ll probably see, there is a new tab at the top of this blog, it’s called WIP Challenge 2009. You know that saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again” Well that is what I am doing. I didn’t really accomplish my goal of working on my WIPs much last year, but I DID finish the quilt for Joshua and even though I haven’t given it to him yet, it’s DONE.  I am also significantly closer to finishing the Chelsea Boutique quilt that I have been talking about most of the year. But when I finally sat down and made a list of my WIPs and the HSY projects (Haven’t Started Yet), I was really surprised to find that I had somewhere around…(clears throat) 40 projects! Wait!  Before you faint. Only 12 of those are any that I have started. I would also say that at least 6 of the HSYs are kits that I purchased at the International Houston Quilt Show. They’ve only been sitting in my sewing closet, incubating, shall I say, for a few months. They aren’t nearly ready for me to work on them yet! They need to ferment for at least two more months. OK, back to the list, I also prioritized the projects. Oh, and not all the projects are quilts either, what in the WORLD would I do with 40 quilts?  (Besides give them away?) No, several of the projects are actually tote bags that I want to make for friends or complete for myself. I will say though, that getting my sewing room organized and getting those shelves from my mom for Christmas was super helpful when it came to getting the projects out where I can SEE them.  As I finish a project that is in one of the tubs on the shelves, I can move another project INTO that tub! It will work great! At least, I hope it will.  I also created a support group for myself online. In my usual social network, Quilting Friends, I created a sub group called Works in Progress. I invited everyone from the QF network to join and so far we have at least 20 people in there! (If you aren’t a member of Quilting Friends, feel free to join, it doesn’t cost anything!) It has created a lot of exciting discussion and really re-invigorated our group.  Now I am not only accountable to any of the lovely blogosphere people who read this, but also to the ladies on QF.  So, it may be an ambitious goal (especially for this working girl) to hope to get 12 of the 40 projects done any time this year (hey, that’s one per month), but I am going to try my hardest. In fact, when I reviewed the list, I was pleased that some of these projects are going to be pretty easy to finish. If you need any inspiration to get yourself started, visit the blog of  Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts. She is completely amazing. She has children and she still managed to finish 20 quilts just last year! So, very inspiring, to say the least. Well, until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



January 13, 2009. Quilting.

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