Houston Quilt Show


I have finally managed to upload pictures of the GEORGEOUS quilts from the Houston Quilt Show back in October. If you would like to see a slideshow of those quilts, click here. I did NOT make any of these quilts, just took the pictures. They are so beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you, thank you to all the talented artists who created these quilts. This is not even close to being all of the quilts, but there were so many it was difficult to choose which ones to take pictures of. You’ll probably see that I lean toward sunflowers and applique (even though I don’t usually do appliqued quilts.) Some of the smaller quilts were created as a representation of how that particular quilter got started quilting.  If you can see the name of the quilt and it’s called Scrapbook quilt (number) those are the ones about the quilter.  I was just so overwhelmed and inspired by the quilts there. It took us about five hours to see all the quilts. I am glad we went for two days! That left us an entire day for shopping too (although we probably could have spent two days just shopping, if our bank accounts could have handled it.)  Have fun viewing the quilts!

Happy Stitches to You,



January 22, 2009. Houston Quilt Show.

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