My name is Anna, and I am a Fabric-aholic

OK, I confess. I have an addiction. I cannot resist the chance to buy more fabric! I went to a Ridiculous Sale this weekend. And boy, was it Ridiculous!  This sale was at my favorite quilt shop in Kerrville, TX, Creations. They have purchased the building that is across the parking lot from their current building so that they can host more classes and even quilting retreats! Well, they opened up that building and stocked it with all their leftover fabric and such that they wanted to get rid of for ridiculously low prices. I ended up with a large under the bed storage bag full of remnants left over from the beautiful samples they’ve made for display in their shop. I also purchased another storage bag full of the legs of old blue jeans!  Now, what in the world am I going to do with these new acquisitions? Hmm, hopefully make something fun and useful!  I am thinking pillows, quilts, and totebags galore.  We also went to a church thrift shop that is across the street from Creations, and scored a TON of wool clothing that we intend to deconstruct and felt so it can be used in penny rugs!  The looks from the ladies who worked there when they saw us with our piles of wool clothing were pretty funny. And it was actually rather difficult to explain exactly what we intend to create with these treasures. Well, you’ll see…  It was a relaxing, fun and yet exciting weekend. Oh, did I mention I took Friday off so we could go to the sale early? I am very glad that I did because there wouldn’t have been much left on Saturday to get!  Some people say they will work for fabric, I will TAKE OFF work for fabric!  I call it a mental health day.  Luckily, nothing major happened while I was gone. I will post pictures of projects with my new goodies soon. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



January 26, 2009. Quilting, random stuff.


  1. Betty Webb replied:

    I know what you mean on material addiction….I was like that too…I had probably 3,000.00 in material and Hurricane Ike totally destroyed our home. I had lots of quilt items, craft, etc. I was totally crushed about all my patterns, etc we lost. We had 19 feet of water and our home was totally under and destroyed….I lost my sewing machine my husband bought me 35 years ago also….Actually we lost everything we had for 36 years…BUT Thank the Lord we did not lose our lives. I am going to get over this one of these years…Enjoy your material.

  2. colour du jour replied:

    An idea for your jeans bundle. A few years ago (abour 20) my great aunt–the queen of reuse- asked my brothers and DH for their old worn-out jeans and she made them all patchwork ground cloths (tied not quilted) for when they worked their cars. We’ve used them for picnic blankets, and in the back of our surburban to protect the carpet. It’s still getting used!

  3. colour du jour replied:

    Betty Webb, do you have a blog and where are you located? leave me a message. I would love to send you some extra sewing stuff. Im sure there are other sewers/quilters/crafters out here in bloggyland that would love to get you back in business sew to speak. pun intended.

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