Love What You Do…

Is it really possible to do what you love and love what you do? I am still trying to figure that out. Lately, work has been a little slow, and I’ve had a little more time to catch up on reading quilty blogs. Ahh, I am so jealous. How is it that so many lucky ladies are able to spend their days surrounded by beautiful fabrics and making wonderful creations and actually make some money in the process? I suppose there are many reasons, perhaps they live very frugally and in a very small house with very few bills. Perhaps they have a “very supportive husband” who is willing to go to work every day so that they can stay home and quilt. (My hubby goes to work but unfortunately, teachers do not get paid what they should, so I have to go to work as well.) Or, perhaps they are really struggling and they just don’t show it. If, two and a half years ago someone had said to me, “You can pursue your dream of becoming a full time quilter/sew-er/crafter if you just stay in your two bedroom house” I might have said, “no thanks” in favor of having an entire room dedicated to my sewing hobby (which is what I have now). But what is the point of having that room if I very rarely get a chance to actually use it?  I suppose my displeasure at the moment just comes from the fact that my current job is not especially very challenging or exciting – at the moment. It’s also not very stable, although what job really is stable anymore these days?  In addition, somehow when I go home in the afternoon, time gets sucked into a vortex and one minute I am sitting on the couch going through the day’s mail and the next thing I know, I’ve been asleep for several hours and it’s already 1:00 am and I need to go to sleep in the real bed.  Where does the time go? Why do I feel like I am just dreaming my days away, thinking of all the projects I could be working on or the tote bags I could be making? And why is it that when I get home and have extra time, I don’t spend it sewing? Is the grass really greener on the other side? Frankly, I haven’t felt like I’ve been on the other side in a LOONG time.  What is my point here? I don’t really know, but I am taking some very small steps toward something that I think will be very exciting and hopefully lead to me being able to do more of what I love. In fact, I find that since I’ve gotten my mom hooked on quilting, or rather, collecting fabric, I am spending more time with her going to fabric stores, searching out patterns and ideas for new quilts. I’ve even helped her get her fabric cut for her next quilt. This is where my passion is, in teaching people about this artform. I want to have more time to actually sew and quilt and then write about it as much as possible. I find that I envy my sister who is so lucky to have started out with little or no financial debt and who can “afford” to stay at home and only work part time if she wants. OK, I guess I am borderline on whining now. Sorry about that. As my dad always said, “Well quit talking about it and just do something.” If you don’t try, you’ll never know, right? More details to come and I hope the few people who read this blog will be willing to support me in my endeavor. Hopefully next time the post will be about the completion of Bailey’s Blanket!

Happy Stitches to You,



January 29, 2009. random stuff.

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