I (heart) Swanky

I just want to say that I am doing my part to stimulate the economy!  One of my local quilt shops decided to be open limited hours on Sunday, due to the Super Bowl. (I know it seems strange, but I think they figured it would give quilters who aren’t interested in football something to do while their spouses watched the game.) Since I was desperately in need to more thread to continue quilting Bailey’s Blanket, I went over there to get some more. Well, while I was there, what did I happen to see but the newest line of fabrics by Chez Moi for Moda, called Swanky!  Are you just dying to know what it looks like? Well, visit the Fat Quarter Shop and you’ll see the lovely bright colors! So, I was temporarily insane and bought not only a charm pack, but a layer cake as well! Now, I just have to find something to do with these lovely fabrics!  So much for being frugal. So much for saving money, I was there to buy thread and bought fabric instead (or as well actually.)  That was the ONLY shop in San Antonio, TX that carries Mettler variegated thread number 9820, by the way. I know because I called all six other fabric shops and two craft stores in town and none of them carry it!  If any of you who read this blog have any fabulous ideas of what to do with a layer cake, please post it here! I am thinking of adapting the pattern I have for the Simple City quilt (which I bought as a kit with the Simplicity layer cake) to use the Swank fabric in another quilt. Hmm, it could work.  Oh, but part of what I didn’t like about using the layer cake was that I had to cut off all the pinked edge from the squares. There was sooo much cutting involved! OH, and let’s not forget that I have another, more urgent quilt that is next on my list of projects. It is a quilt for my cousin’s baby.  It shouldn’t take too much longer than a week, I bet. I think I’m already behind on my new year’s resolution about finishing my projects before buying fabric for more projects! ARRRGGGHH! Oh, if only I could stay at home all day and sew instead of going to work. What a bummer.  I guess not everyone can be so lucky to get to quilt all day and get paid for it.  Well, I just wanted to add this quick post to say that I am working on Bailey’s Quilt, and it’s 1/3 of the way quilted.  Then I will work on the quilt for Dawn’s baby and I’ll almost be caught up for January’s projects. Yippee!  Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



February 2, 2009. Quilting.

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