One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward

It was a goal of mine to use my fabric stash before buying new fabric. This has been difficult. My mom is becoming quite the fabric-a-holic. I think I know where I get my tendancy to get really excited about a project and then go onto something else before I finish it.  That is exactly what she is doing! Now, it’s her money, and her choice and her hobby, so if all she wants to do is collect the fabric, that is perfectly OK with me. I am not the stash police and I will not go over to her house and demand that she shows me the items she’s created with her stash.  (That way, she can’t do the same thing to me, hehe.)  Well, I would say that as I’ve used some fabric, I’ve purchased more to take it’s place. So even if my stash isn’t dwindling, it’s not growing beyond control either.

 It was also a goal to work on the projects on my list before anything else.  I’ve done a lot better with this goal. I’ve been able to complete the Bailey Quilt, and a quilt for my Godson, Joshua. Both of those were made with fabrics I basically already had in my stash.  I am already designing another quilt for my next Godson, Ben, and it is using the fabrics from my stash, but that project was NOT on my list! But that is OK, because I feel that making a quilt for a Godson is a higher priority at the moment.  So I think even though it seems that I’m taking one step forward and three steps backwards, maybe it’s more like two forward and one backward. Even though I am not really moving forward too much, I am still having fun, and that’s what is most important.

Have you ever filled up your frequent buyer card at your favorite quilt shop so that you can get a credit to purchase more fabric for “free?”  My favorite store in town, Memories by the Yard, has a frequent buyer card and I recently filled it up and was able to pick out $25 worth of fabric for FREE (if you don’t consider how much I had to spend to get that free $25.) I immediately picked up a Honey Bun from the new line for Moda called Oh Cherry Oh! Do you know what a Honey Bun is? It is the sister to a Jelly Roll, a Honey Bun is a roll of one and a half inch strips, one or two from each fabric in a specific collection (usually around 40 in a roll.)  The Jelly Roll, you may remember, is made up of two and a half inch strips.  Oh, I love to collect Jelly Rolls. Well, I just couldn’t figure out WHAT I would ever do with a Honey Bun until I came across Moda’s Bakeshop website.  They created this website/blog to specifically feature patterns that use their precut “pastries.”  The Honey Bun project looked pretty cute, it was a pouch made out of 10 of the strips. Well, that means one could theorectically get FOUR of those pouches out of one honey bun, AWESOME!! I spent most of the afternoon and evening of last Saturday (yes, Valentine’s Day) at my mother in law’s house, sewing that cute strippy pouch. But, I just couldn’t let it go without putting a handle on it, because that’s how strange I am.  It turned out REALLY cute! (Sorry, no pictures yet. You know I’ll get some added soon.) It felt pretty good to go home with a completed project. I am sure that the next time I make one, it will go a lot faster as well.  Oops, I just noticed that the project for the Sweet Treat Bag actually came off the main Moda website, where they have LOTS of free patterns as well. Well, either way, both sites are great resources for inspiration and patterns. I also did some research and found out that most Log Cabin blocks are made from 1 1/2″ strips so I might attempt to make a log cabin block or two from those adorable strips. Although, what in the world am I going to do with only two log cabin blocks? Hmm. I am sure that is a post for another day. I guess I should stop rambling now. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



February 18, 2009. Goals, UFOs, Use What You Have Challenge.


  1. Arlinda replied:

    Hey Anna, Really like your site. All good fabriholics have got to stand together. LOL.

  2. carolgibson replied:

    I keep a fabric stash, too. Why, I don’t know. Having it around is important to the art, I guess.

    After awhile, though, it suits no purpose and doesn’t seem to fit into any schemes like some magical piece of a puzzle.

    That’s when it’s time to let someone else have it.

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