Slash Your Stash Challenge


Would anyone like to join me for a week long sew in? (Or longer) I am experiencing quilting withdrawl and have spent all morning reading about everyone’s stash and their Stash Slashing ideas. So, this week, I do not have any appointments for therapy, no dog appointments, no doctor’s appointments, no meetings or other obligations after work (darn work.) I WANT TO SEW!! I want to say that I finished more than just ONE project this entire month! Would anyone care to join in? All I was able to do this weekend was visit my sewing room for a few hours, just long enough to refold the lovely fabrics on my fabric shelf.  I noticed something in the process. I have several tubs with projects waiting to be worked on, and NONE of them are getting finished! Hmm, wonder why that could be? Well, this week, I want to SEW SOMETHING every day. When  I get home, I am going to do my usual let-the-dogs-out routine and then go directly to my sewing room. DO NOT pass Go, do NOT collect $200 (unless it’s for fabric.)  Dinner? Who cares! Laundry? Who cares! I want to SEW! OK, I think the point is getting across. I made a little badge, you can see it in the sidebar. If you want to join in this challenge, let me know, and I’ll post a link to your blog under the badge. You can also feel free to copy my badge but please put a link back to this page.  Thank you and I hope you will play along.

Happy Stitches to You,



February 23, 2009. Quilting, Use What You Have Challenge.

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