Slash Your Stash Update

Last night I actually DID sew something! I decided to try to make a very cute little flannel teddy bear for my Godson. I got the pattern from the Bunny Hill website  (scroll to the very bottom for bear pattern) for FREE! Thank you Anne Sutton for your cute designs. So, I started working on it and will most likely finish it tonight. I was very tired after work yesterday it is sort of a miracle that I did anything at all. Today I am very excited to have found such a cute blog called LollyChops. This girl is awesome. She is so crafty and so generous! She gives away her awesome patterns for FREE as well! Her blog is so incredibly well organized and fun to read. She has such a cute sense of humor as well (reminds me of myself actually.) I have already added several of her patterns to my pattern folder on my pin drive and can’t wait to print them out and do stuff with them. Also, I plan to take a little trip to Michael’s Craft store this afternoon and spend my 40% coupon I got in my e-mail on some really cute crafty punches and make a butterfly project like this one that she made. LollyChops, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your idea! Hey, you need a Flickr group to show all the ways people have made things from your blog. Or do you have one already? Your photographs are awesome also LollyChops. I can’t wait to visit your blog again tomorrow to see if anything is new. I think this would count as a Friendsday post, even though today is Tuesday and it’s supposed to be a Crafty Tuesday post. Maybe on Friday I’ll post something to show how crafty I’ve been this week! You know, I can really relate to butterflies, they fly from one pretty flower to the next, but only for a short amount of time. That’s sort of how I am about crafty projects. “Anna, you need to FOCUS!” I am really looking forward to working on more projects this evening. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. I have added LollyChops to my blogroll as well, in case you want to visit her in the future.


February 24, 2009. Blogroll, Crafty Tuesday, friendsday, sewing, Use What You Have Challenge.

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