Butterfly Picture Project

I did it! I finished my awesome butterfly picture. Here it is!


What do you think? I think it’s totally awesome! I had so much fun punching out the butterflies and then figuring out how to arrange them on the background. Oh, and that picture frame? I got it at Michael’s for only $5.99! I might go back and get a couple more because it was so fun to make this picture. I anxiously went through my large box of scrapbooking paper and picked out whatever caught my eye, then happily punched out a bunch of butterflies from a strip of each page. Oh, by the way, the butterfly punch I purchased was the one with three butterflies, one large and two small. And the Martha Stewart punches were on SALE at Michael’s this week! Yippee!! I found a piece of foam board I happened to have left over from a bulletin board project and I cut it to fit inside the frame. I also removed the glass, if you can’t tell, so that my butterflies could flitter freely.  I can’t wait to hang this in my dreary, windowless office tomorrow. I am thinking about doing another one with butterflies that are all from the same two sheets of paper, for a more monochromatic, or di-chromatic (is that a word?) look. And if it isn’t obvious, I was trying to go for a specific look with this picture. I was trying to make it look like the butterflies were flying off into the distance. Can you tell, now that I’ve given it away? Here are a couple of close-ups of the big and small butterflies.


Here are the small butterflies, note the one in the corner that is freeing itself from the crowd.


Here are the big butterflies. I love that I decided to have them overlap the mat on the bottom. Sort of adds to that 3D effect.

I did use the pop dots as suggested but I don’t think it is very easy to tell from the photos. Thank you so much LollyChops for the fantastic tutorial about how to make this project! 

More pictures about my Stash Slashing projects tomorrow.

Happy Stitches to You,



February 25, 2009. random stuff.


  1. Elaine replied:


    I did get the effect of the butterflies flying off in the distance, even before you “gave it away!” I hope this helps you pass your time at work, with something fun to look at….besides the quilting blogs, that is!

  2. Dorothy Karman replied:

    Anna. It looks wonderful. You are a clever gal.

  3. Peta-Jane replied:

    This is gorgeous Anna ! I think I will have a go at making something similar but I will use old childrens picture books as the paper …well done…I love the little one heading out of the frame!
    Cheers, Peta

  4. Lisa replied:

    That is SOOO pretty! Nicely done!

  5. Lisa replied:

    Your picture is beautiful! Now I want to make one. I just need a butterfuly punch. 🙂

  6. LollyChops replied:

    WAY TO GO!!! This is completely fabulous! Do you mind if I share a pic on my blog???? Pretty please!!!!


  7. Gina replied:

    I saw Lollys and then I saw yours and now I HAVE to have one of my own!!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking I’ll just use my classroom wall as the “frame”………………..

  8. zulema2 replied:

    Whaoo, this is a great project, will have to do it. Check me out on…


  9. Butterfly Effect « paint by number replied:

    […] I’ve run across this Butterfly Project at Lolly Chops  and Sew Good Sew Far and found myself inspired to give it a try myself.  I’m having trouble finding just the […]

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