Stash Slashers Update

I managed to make a tote-ally cute tote bag using only 12 charms and about 1/2 yard of fabric. I didn’t use a pattern, just tried to adapt a pattern I had for a larger charm tote bag. I really enjoyed sewing up this little treat. The only problem was that I couldn’t really get the lining the way I wanted. I originally intended to add pockets, and well, there are pockets on the inside, but when I put stuff in the bag, the pockets get all squished at the bottom. So, lesson learned, next time I am going to move the pockets up higher and I hope that will solve the problem. This was a prototype bag for the shop. I am enjoying it because I get to keep it for myself and show it off everywhere I go! I think having a fun new bag gives me a springy-er step and a bigger smile. Is that just me or does it have that effect on you too?  I also love to make tote bags because they are relatively simple. Once you know the basic construction techniques, you are pretty much good to go. I haven’t been able to slash my stash much because we went on a little fabric hunt for cute kiddo fabrics on Friday. So, instead of slashing the stash, I added to it. But then again, these fabrics will hopefully go right out the door again as made up pillowcases or pillowcase kits. Well, sorry to keep referring back to the shop, but it is sort of what is occupying my thoughts the most right now. That’s it for now. More stash slashing updates to come soon.

Happy Stitches to You,



March 4, 2009. Crafty Girls Workshop, Quilting, sewing, Use What You Have Challenge.

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  1. keriandkim replied:

    very nice site. we have a give-away on ours for amazon gift certificate. I’m a beginning quilter. IS there a good basic machine for quilting, portable for classes, garments, home decor etc on the lower end of budget spectrum, don’t want to spend more than 350.

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