Progress and another Giveaway

I DID make some progress yesterday! I got the pieces cut out to make a really cute tote bag from a Portobello Pixie pattern. I also finished making the surprise items for my Pay It Forward gifts from WAAAAAY back (almost a year ago, I am ashamed to admit.) Hey, if you want a handmade gift from me who works full time, you have to be patient, ok? Haha, just kidding. It did take me awhile to decide what I wanted to make but I think they came out pretty good and I am very proud of myself, if I do say so. SO, it turns out I actually have AN EXTRA little handmade item that I made for PIF, soooo, if you would like to have a chance to get this item, please post a comment here to say so. Your name will go in a drawing and I will pick someone on Friday, March 20. Oh, and if you want to be entered more than once, there are a few other things you can do, a) Tell everyone about it on your blog with a link back to this one, b) visit Crafty Girls Workshop (and tell me you did) and c) if someone posts a comment here and says you sent them, you’ll both get an entry. How’s that for helping the odds? Come on, with the economy how it is, wouldn’t it be GREAT to get something in the mail besides bills?  And especially if that something is FREE, and handmade?  Thanks so much! 

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. Here’s another way to get another entry, when you visit the shop, you’ll see my other e-mail address that is specifically for the shop, if you send me a hell0 e-mail to that address and offer one suggestion for improving the shop, I’ll put your name in the drawing TWO more times! Come on, let’s stuff the drawing box, OK?


March 14, 2009. Crafty Girls Workshop, sewing, UFOs.


  1. Peta-Jane replied:

    Hi Anna,
    thanks for the FQ surprise that is coming my way !! Can’t wait !
    Just wanted to let you know that the utton for your shop on the left of this page does not work…can’t click on it and link to the shop..maybe the hyperlink is not set up correctly
    Cheers, Peta-Jane

  2. Peta-Jane replied:

    oh and obviously forgot to check my spelling ,,that should read button, LOL

  3. Ginger replied:

    thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Bethel of Bethania replied:

    G’day I’m definitely up for getting something nice in my mailbox that’s for sure – bills are the pits … I came to you from Lolly chops when she showed us your crafting room I know I’m always a tad late … OOroo … Bethel

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