Tea Time Swap and Friendsday

I am hosting a tea time swap on Quilting Friends. If you are interested in participating, you need to join the Ning social network first and then you may join the swap, it’s going to be super fun I think! So now I have seen all sorts of tea related things around. Actually this started because a week or so ago I read a blog about someone who had just recieved the package from their swap partner for the Tea Time swap they were participating in. I know, I don’t have a single original idea sometimes. But my swap involves FABRIC (of course) and can also be coffee related if you like that instead of tea. But, back to the topic, I’ve seen a lot of tea stuff around the blogosphere lately, so I thought I would post a few links to items that are tea related (although not necessarily sewing related.) Since today is Wednesday and I haven’t done a Friendsday post in awhile, I thought I would share the links to those who I consider my new bloggy friends. Here they are:

Karen from The Graphics Fairy has found an old advertisement from a tea company. You know, this would look pretty cool printed out on linen and used as a pin cushion or a coaster! Hmm, wheels are turning!

Sue, at Gossamer Creations has created a CUTE fairy in a tea cup which I think is just adorable. (I LOVE fairy things)

Ayumills at The Pink Penguin  has a cute pattern for making a paper pieced teapot, you can make it into a potholder or a hotpad for putting your teapot on or a wall hanging.  (She also has some other GREAT tutorials and patterns on her site.)

Of course you can always go to Google and type in “teapot + sewing patterns” and see what comes up.

OK, now for a NON-tea related link. Did you know that LollyChops is having a week long marathon of bunny patterns and projects? It’s called Big Time Bunny Week (BTBW for short) and not only does she give us some great projects, but she writes these cute stories to go along with her posts! It reminds me of that movie Ms. Potter about Beatrix Potter because she always talked to her drawings/paintings of, guess what? BUNNIES!  BTW, if you haven’t seen Ms. Potter, you HAVE to see it, such an ADORABLE movie. (OK, I need to get decaf coffee next time, I am writing with WAY too many capital letters.) That’s all for now. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You (with a cup of tea),



March 25, 2009. Tags: , , , , . friendsday, random stuff, sewing.

One Comment

  1. ayumills replied:

    I’ve seen lots of tea swap-related things. They are so cute!
    Thanks so much for including my link. I’d love to see what others do with my patterns 😉

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