New Recycling Effort

Sometimes I am amazed at what small things will make me so happy and excited.  For at least the last two years, the city of San Antonio, Texas has been passing out standardized trash cans (brown) and recycle cans (same size as trash cans and blue) to houses in the city. This is in an effort to reduce the number of work related injuries the garbage men were getting because the new trucks have an arm that lifts the cans.  Well, I think my neighborhood is the VERY last in the city of over 1 million people to get these trash cans. I have been so excited at the prospect because we really do try to recycle a lot and the smaller green bin we had was just NOT big enough! Well, the reason I am so happy and excited is that we got a notice on Friday that we will be getting the new cans sometime in the next 10 days! Yippee!  The city even gave everyone a small trash can to put in the kitchen to put our recycling in before we transfer it to the big bin. That’s just AWESOME because I was getting tired of using paper bags, even though I’m happy to recycle the bags that way, they are sort of a pain. SO, this will help me with one of my new year’s resolutions because I really want to be more ecofriendly and create a compost pile. Once we get our new trashcans, I think I’ll be more motivated to start composting.  Today I am so excited by the little things that make me happy. I hope you’ll find some little thing to be happy about too.

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. There is new stuff in our shop and I’ve posted everyone on Etsy now. I think you’ll find it’s easier to use. If you want to keep up with the shop updates, put the Crafty Girls Workshop Blog on your bookmarks or RSS feed.


March 30, 2009. Crafty Girls Workshop, Goals, random stuff.

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