What’s Old is New Again

There is a fabric shop in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas that not many people know about. They always seem to be in such a strange location. The first time I found them, their store was tucked away in an industrial park, no sign on the main road to tell you they were there. I really only found them by accident because they were going to have a booth at the local guild’s quilt show and I was super excited to find out there was ANOTHER fabric store in town.  What is this store’s name? Plain Jane’s Folk Art and Fabrics. They actually have a lot of their items listed in their eBay store, and that is where I think they do most of their business. But, I digress. So, they recently moved to a more visible location, on Fredericksburg road (for those of you who might be local) and Gus Eckert.  It’s a sort of non descript brown building which you’d probably miss if you weren’t looking for it. But I visited them yesterday and it seems like they have more space now. They actually have a little area in the back either for a VERY small class or for their work space. And, of course, I couldn’t HELP but buy some of their fabric. I think what I like the most about them is that they sort of tend to buy the fabrics that I like but most of the other shops in town (there are 6 others!) don’t order. And what did I get? Well, I got a new honey bun of the new fabric from Blackbird Designs called Beach House. Originally, I didn’t really fall in love with the fabric, but when I saw that they had it in a honey bun, I couldn’t resist! I also got a very cute pattern that uses a layer cake, which is great because I have a couple of those.  They had the quilt on display in the store and when I talked to the owner about it, she said it was SUPER fast and easy, which is PERFECT for me! Unfortunately, they don’t have the pattern listed on their online store, or else I would totally link to it. And, lastly, I found a FQ pack of 8 FQs in the Cotton Blossom line that they had in their sale stuff for only $10! What a deal! I totally LOVE Cotton Blossom, in fact, I think I bought a Cotton Blossom FQ pack from them the last time I was there too! I also noticed that now my FQs are sort of overflowing from the area where I store them, so I might have to actually MAKE something with them sometime soon.  Today they are having a 50% off Charm packs sale! Wow! I am totally going there today too.  OK, that’s my fabricaholic confession for the month and it’s only April 1st! Now, back to dreaming about what to do with that new honey bun!

Happy Stitches to You,


Confessions of a Fabricaholic


April 1, 2009. Tags: , , . fabric, Quilt Shops.

One Comment

  1. Peta-Jane replied:

    Hi Anna,
    I love cotton blossom too !!
    What a deal you got for $10. Tha fabric prices in US make me want to cry.it all seems so much cheaper than Australia.
    I have added a photo of my fat quarter swap fabrics ( and your extra fabric..thanks again..! )
    X Peta-Jane x

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